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U.S.A. Military Camps and Programs

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Massanutten Military Academy

Each year, Massanutten Military Academy is pleased to offer a 4-week intensive Summer School program. It is a unique opportunity to for students to get ahead in their learning, make up for bad or failing grades, or increase their knowledge and participation in their JROTC leadership skills. In our Summer School, Massanutten Military Academy offers the safety of a structured learning environment, as well as the fun of a summer camp through a combination of classroom time and weekend activities.

This summer camp offers a unique opportunity for students to explore the many facets of STEM education including hands-on ...

Fishburne Summer Experience

  • Waynesboro, VA U.S.A.

Operation Purple

  • Alexandria, VA U.S.A.

Fork Union Military Academy

  • Fork Union, VA U.S.A.

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