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Alfred University Polymers & Metals Science Camp

  • Program Address:

    Alfred University Summer Programs
    1 Saxon Drive
    Alfred, NY 14802, U.S.A.

    Phone: 607-871-2612
    Fax: 607-871-2045
  • Winter Address:

    Alfred University Summer Programs
    1 Saxon Drive
    Alfred, NY 14802, U.S.A.

Directors: Dr. Steve Pilgrim

The AU Polymers & Metals Science Camp is for students entering grades 11-12. Campers participate in inquiry-based hands-on lab experiences related to making, testing and experiencing polymers and metals. Polymers, both natural and synthetic, have unique properties based on their chemistry and physics. Think like a Mythbuster to understand how the absorbency of diapers relates to contact lenses and environmental cleanup while quantifying and modeling water uptake. Experience the extreme variability of polymer viscosity via student-created slime, wall-walkers, and oobleck. Consider the wider applications of viscosity control from molasses in January to personal armor protection. While polymers may often be referred to as plastics, another class of important materials exhibit plastic behavior: Metals! Plasticity is the ability of a material to accommodate permanent deformation without breaking, and is one of the properties that makes metals useful for engineering everything from skyscrapers to airplanes. Learn about what gives them the strength and toughness to handle many of the world's most demanding structural applications! Students will also get to experience life on a college campus and meet other students with similar interests and academic abilities. The emphasis is on having fun and enjoying our beautiful natural surroundings while learning!

In the evenings, students can participate in a variety of activities including indoor and outdoor games, movies, visits to a lake for picnics and campfires, hikes, social gatherings at the coffee house, a farewell party on the last night, and more. When not in class, they are supervised by our wonderful team of Resident Assistants who serve as camp counselors, mentors, positive role models and friends. Housing is provided in secure university residence halls dedicated to summer campers. Cafeteria-style meals are served in the campus dining hall.

The $895 fee covers tuition, supervision, materials, activities, room and board from dinner on the first day through lunch on the last day.

Alfred University is located in the peaceful village of Alfred in western New York State, where summer days are warm and nights are cool and comfortable. Surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful meadows and valleys, this is the perfect place to spend time learning and meeting other students who share your interests. Please visit our website for further information and an application form. With our dynamic, engaging, talented and caring faculty and staff; terrific facilities; and lovely surroundings, the AU Polymers & Metals Science Camp could make this your best summer ever!

  • Directors:
    Dr. Steve Pilgrim
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  • Nearest city:
    Hornell, NY


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