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Camp Information

Camp Amnicon

  • Program Address:

    8450 E Camp Amnicon Rd
    South Range, WI

    Phone: 715-364-2602
  • Winter Address:

    8450 E Camp Amnicon Rd
    South Range, WI

Directors: Brad Damon

Come explore with us! Camp Amnicon is a Lutheran Outdoor Ministries camp that focuses on wilderness adventure, community building, and encountering God by caring for and immersing ourselves in creation together. Our wilderness adventures are unique, all-inclusive, and customizable. Our guides are rigorously trained, and draw on over 50 years of safe wilderness experience at Camp Amnicon. Our wilderness adventures also meet the high accreditation standards of the American Camp Association.

Wilderness Adventures: Camp Amnicon offers trips to a variety of locations and with varying degrees of difficulty, so your trip can be tailored to the needs of your group. We specialize in canoeing and backpacking adventures, with our signature trip taking a group of up to 14 people on a rare 34-foot Montreal canoe through the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior. We also do whitewater and flatwater rivers, lake country canoeing, and several backpacking routes including the Superior Hiking Trail. The only question is, which one will you pick?

A typical Amnicon trip is five nights long and includes food, gear, transportation to and from the trailheads, trained guides, and a Bible Study program (written by Amnicon and led by the guides). We are flexible with everything except safety. If you are interested in a longer or shorter trip, or would like to explore other options for group discussions besides the Bible Study, give us a call!

Community Building: If you’ve ever been on a wilderness trip with other people then this won’t surprise you. There is nothing better than a wilderness trip for breaking down barriers, finding common ground, and learning about the benefits of living in community with others. With your group, on your trip, you will face challenges that are unique and sometimes unexpected. You will reach remote places that you could not have gotten to alone. And you will experience the thrill and comfort of sitting around a fire after a wild day of adventures with people you suddenly find yourself caring about, and who you suddenly find care about you. At Amnicon, community happens.

Philosophy and Bible Study: At Camp Amnicon we firmly believe that everyone is a capable and lovable child of God, and that belief informs everything we do. You are welcomed here, not because you agree with a set of doctrines or because you have the same interests as others have, but because in our eyes you are capable, lovable, and a child of God.

Our Bible Study lives this out, too. It functions as an invitation to explore faith and God together while we are experiencing creation and encountering God in a very unique way. We do not do altar calls, and we do not proselytize, that is, we do not attempt to convert anyone from their way of thinking to ours or pressure anyone into making big decisions. We find that in many ways, faith is a wilderness, too.

If you have any further questions please check out our website, or contact us by phone or email.
Adventure on!

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  • Cost, 1 week:
  • Directors:
    Brad Damon
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  • Season opens:
    June 17, 2018
  • Season closes:
    September 31, 2018


  • Assorted Adventures
  • Backpacking
  • Canoeing
  • Environmental
  • Hiking
  • Primitive Skills
  • Survival Skills
  • Swimming
  • Team Building
  • Wilderness

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