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Chess NYC

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    New York, NY


Directors: Michael Propper

Chess NYC's policy "Chess Should be Fun (even online)" truly prevails for these cool days of Fun & Training Camp! From Chess Leaders to Grand Masters, these Camps are sure to inspire, captivate, motivate, and generate Chess players of all levels. Classes focus on strategies, defense, tactics, and even competitive online play.

Chess NYC is offering 4 levels of Chess classes:

Head Start Jr. - Weekly progressive Sessions to jump start your little one into the game.

Advancing in Chess -Classes focusing on basic strategies, defense, tactics, and competitive play

GM Inspired TAG I - Classes for more competitive and "serious players" focusing on advanced strategies and online competitive play

GM Inspired TAG II - After graduating from TAG I hourly classes will push students to the limit with next-level training and online competitive play

Chess NYC offers, hourly, full-day, weekly, and full summer passes for all the Chess your child desires.

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  • Camp size:
  • Cost, 1 week:
    $236 per week
  • Directors:
    Michael Propper
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  • Season opens:
    June 15, 2020
  • Season closes:
    September 11, 2020

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