Camp Information

EXPLO New York

  • Program Address:

    Bronxville, NY

  • Winter Address:

    Norwood, MA

There are two types of people who come to EXPLO New York: people who love doing their thing - and people who are finding the thing they love to do. At EXPLO, we want you to do both.

We are a community of artists, writers, athletes, musicians, leaders, scientists, activists, dancers, and scholars who come together for a perfect summer of personal learning, adventure, and growth. And we welcome you, just as you are, to join us in your exploration.

EXPLO New York offers more than 45 courses and 45 electives. Students choose three one-week intensive courses, and 3 electives for one-week explorations.

Each year, we design our courses with you in mind: subjects you'll want to take, taught in ways that will have you waking up ready to see what great new things will happen in class that day.

Collect evidence from a crime scene (Forensic Science), design your dream house (Architecture), or get your Glee on (Musical Theater). Battle Bots at the Thunderdome (Robotics), argue your case to victory (Mock Trial), or design and stitch this summer's hottest new skirt (Fashion Illustration).

Weekend trips to a little Italy Pizza Tasting, the American Museum of Natural History, major league baseball games, and Broadway shows will invite you to step out of your comfort zone every single day.

EXPLO programs are uniquely designed to prepare you for middle school, high school, university, and beyond. Here, you make choices on how to use your time and engage your mind in a residential community of international ideas and backgrounds.