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Camp Information

New York Film Academy 3D Animation Camps in New York

  • Program Address:

    New York, NY

  • Winter Address:

    New York, NY

In Summer 2021, 3D Animation Camps will be held in the following locations:

3D Animation Camps for Teens: New York City, NY; Los Angeles, CA

3D Animation Camps for Kids: Online and in New York City, NY; Los Angeles, CA

There will be no housing or transportation available for any campus. Parents and students will be responsible for travel and their own hotel accommodations (please also note that minors in the US (under the age of 18) cannot check into hotels without a parent or guardian physically present).

Students in the New York Film Academy's hands-on 3D Animation Camps write, animate, direct and edit their own computer animated short films. All animation camps are designed for students with little or no experience in animation, however, studio art or computer experience is helpful. 3D Animation demands exceptional focus and discipline.

Studying at the Film Academy's location in New York is like living at the crossroads of the world. New York City has a way of thrilling the senses that is as constant and direct as the subways rumbling beneath its surface. For its size, diversity of landscape, people and culture, the city is unparalleled. One can hear dozens of different languages, choose from the cuisine of six continents, and rub shoulders with diplomats, designers, machinists or musicians on any given day.