Camp Information

Painted Oaks Academy

  • Program Address:

    Orlando, FL

  • Winter Address:

    Orlando, FL

Painted Oaks Academy is a Private, Family Owned Equestrian Boarding, Training and Lessons Facility. This year we will be offering 10 weeks of summer camp dates for you to choose from. Activities include Mucking Stalls, Grooming, Tacking Up, Horseback Riding, Horse Games, Mini Horse Fun,Un-Tacking, Cleaning Bathing Horses, Cleaning Tack and Saddles, Putting up Tack & Saddles, Swimming & Pool Games, Playground time, Karaoke, Arts & Crafts, Mini Horses, Braiding Mane & Tails, Hay Rides, Lessons on Bridles, Bits and Saddles, and Horse Anatomy Lessons.