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Power Soccer School of Excellence Summer Camps - Soccer Essentials

  • Program Address:

    146 Laird Drive
    Suite 204
    Toronto, Ontario M4G 3V7, Canada

    Phone: 416-425-6062
    Toll Free:
    Toll Free: 888-883-6712
  • Winter Address:

    201 Wicksteed Ave
    Suite 8
    Toronto, Ontario M4G 0B1, Canada

Directors: Liam Power


A fun and rewarding skills program for children ages 4 and 5 years. Soccer skills training is built into a curriculum that teaches technical ability, agility and balance. Children are introduced to soccer in a fun and rewarding manner which provides recognition for the young player. The clinic is a combination of skill learning and games. There is lots of ball contact for each player through ball movement practice, dodge games and fun ball manoeuvring exercises. Children are taught the basics of the game.

Soccer Essentials

A program geared to the 6-7 year stage of development. Children are instructed in core soccer skills and good soccer habits through age appropriate skill exercise and games. The program emphasizes coordination and movement in soccer, presented in skill exercises and small sided soccer games designed to make a positive impact on the development of the young player. Players are introduced to competition in a fun way and achieve success through skill training as well as game play.

Soccer Sense

A program designed for players in an age group/playing level who have reasonable skills and who are now capable of problem solving. This program is geared to players who compete in House League/Recreational programs or who may play in their school. The coach works on having the player refine his/her basic ball skills while beginning to learn more about the concepts of space, support and movement off the ball. The Power Soccer program uses creative and challenging games to improve ball control, passing, dribbling, defending and shooting.

Rep Advanced

Skill and tactical training for players who play at the Advanced/Senior level with their clubs and who wish to hone their skills in an environment with similar level players. Players in this program receive challenging and advanced tactical training in attacking and defensive principles including positional play, support, movement off the ball and transition play. Technique training of all the core soccer skills is covered. This program caters to players who wish to pursue quality training while being assessed for our male and female Academy teams.

  • Accreditation:
    Soccer Academy Alliance of Canada, Sunderland Association Football Club
  • Directors:
    Liam Power
  • Founded:
  • Gender:
  • Maximum age:
  • Minimum age:
  • Nearest city:
    Toronto, ON
  • Season opens:
    June 28, 2019
  • Season closes:
    August 30, 2019


  • Soccer
  • Skills Training
  • Games
  • Ball Movement
  • Player Development
  • Defending
  • Dribbling
  • Shooting Skills
  • Tactics
  • Coordination Training
  • Demonstrations
  • Soccer Matches
  • Competitions
  • Morale Building Games
  • Passing
  • Ball Control
  • Positional Training
  • Zonal Defending
  • Skill Sessions
  • Goalkeeper Training

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