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Renaissance Adventures

  • Program Address:

    5717 Arapahoe Ave, Ste 100
    Boulder, CO 80303, U.S.A.

    Phone: 303-786-9216
  • Winter Address:

    5717 Arapahoe Ave, Ste 100
    Boulder, CO 80303, U.S.A.

Directors: Mark Hoge, Aaron Pirnack

Summer 2021 Locations: In Boulder, at September School, Temple Grandin School, and Mackintosh Academy. In Denver, at the Denver Waldorf School. Choose an Online Program or gather your friends for a Home Quest at YOUR location.

Renaissance Adventures leads award-winning camps, birthdays, afterschool programs, and events throughout the Colorado Front Range. Since 1995, our mission has been to provide experiential education through live-action role-playing games.

Summer 2021 Program offerings:

Adventure Quest

Be the hero of a mythic quest! Your child is the hero of a mythic quest in an incredibly fun, award-winning experience like none other! Journey into a co-created story where every decision matters.

In small groups of like ages, the heroes read maps, solve mysteries and riddles, overcome dynamic challenges, and battle using safe, foam swords. As with all Renaissance Adventures programs, Adventure Quest is designed to develop teamwork, critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and communication.

Dungeon Delvers

Explore and create an adventure in a fantasy world of one of the most popular tabletop roleplaying games. In Dungeon Delvers, RA's expert game masters and story crafters lead participants in an online Tabletop RPG program that utilizes the Dungeons & Dragons® tabletop game system! The hero’s journey is full of challenges – dangerous beasts, mythical monsters, negotiations, and mysteries to solve.

Star Quest

Star Quest is a science fiction live-action roleplaying game similar in many ways to Adventure Quest... the Questers band together in small groups of like age to discover strange new worlds, overcome dynamic challenges, negotiate intergalactic treaties, and battle using blasters (beanbags) and starsabers (foam swords). Join us for exciting and mind-bending programs that are a short ways off, in a galaxy really, really close.

Quest & Quill

Adventure Quest + Creative Writing! Questers write about the stories unfolding in their quests, their heroic character, or any topic that inspires them. In the tradition of the Norse Skalds, we focus on the enjoyment of writing, self-expression, and the oratory art of reading aloud. We do not focus on grammar, spelling, or writing style.

Knight CIT

CIT Leadership for Teens. The Knight CIT offering at Renaissance Adventures is a unique leadership program where the teens mentor younger campers and assist our adult campers. Knights join an Adventure Quest group, who are playing the heroes of a mythic quest. Knight CITs assist the Quest Leader to help with activities, challenges, storytelling, plot dynamics, characters, safety, and leadership

  • Maximum age:
  • Minimum age:
  • Season opens:
    June 1, 2021
  • Season closes:
    August 20, 2021


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