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Squad STX Tactical Camping for Boys

  • Program Address:

    1629 Park Road 59
    Glen rose, Texas 76043 76043

    Phone: 903-883-6398
  • Winter Address:

    1629 Park Road 59
    Glen rose, Texas

Directors: Dustin Stewart

Squad STX is a unique team camping experience designed and led by former US Army infantry officers to help middle school age boys build stronger leadership skills. Our courses combine camping, hiking, land navigation, laser tag and problems solving with time- tested military leadership methodologies and situational training exercises (STX). Not a boot camp!

The camping treks are definitely not "a walk in the park," and all attendees must have the stamina to endure the course. Other activities include campsite planning, knot tying, cooking, knife handling, first aid, and more. Perfect for folks that may not have time for traditional scouting. Campers practice basic camping, survival skills, and small group leadership in a 100% outdoor, 5-day overnight camp. Boys learn techniques for setting up tarp shelters and campsites, reading trail maps and contour maps, navigating to places around the park using terrain association, cooking meals using propane stoves and campfires, keeping track of important items, taking care of their feet, and capture-the-flag scenarios using top-of-the-line laser tag guns. Early bird prices are available six weeks prior to each session.

Middle schools years are transformative for boys close to entering adulthood - today often growing up in a cocoon of technology - and Squad STX is here to provide challenging and fun all boys outdoor leadership experiences for young men to build on.

Squad STX uses military veterans and ROTC cadets as instructors that are vetted and take planning, safety, and first aid very seriously. Instructors come from Texas A&M, University of Texas, and other Texas schools.

Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas (located between DFW and Austin) is the perfect camping location, with diverse hilly terrain and a swimming hole running through the middle of the park. The park is located at the edge of the Texas Hill Country and offers a great, safe environment for our boys to practice basic camping and hiking skills.

FOCUS Boys learn leadership skills by rotating squad leaders everyday and through a focus on basics like personnel and gear accountability and team competitions. WILDERNESS SKILLS Campers get the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to survive in the wilderness while in a safe and controlled environment.

The intent of Squad STX activities is to facilitate exercises that are mostly "self-directed" by the campers, with appropriate instructor classes, guidance, and supervision. Rotating the leadership roles twice a day within each squad is one of the primary methods we use to reinforce the leadership lessons and make the course practical and real. Boys learn basic camping and survival skills, while also practicing leadership at the same time. Activities include setting up simple tarp shelters and campsites, reading trail maps and contour maps, navigating to locations around the park using terrain association and compass, cooking meals using propane stoves and campfires, keeping track of each other and important items, and playing capture- the-flag scenarios using state-of-the- art (and safe) laser tag guns.

Lastly, our course is tough, but it is not a boot camp!

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  • Directors:
    Dustin Stewart Dan Newland
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  • Nearest city:
    Glen Rose, Texas
  • Season opens:
    May 29, 2019
  • Season closes:
    June 30, 2019


  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Map Reading
  • Orienteering
  • Leadership Development
  • Knife Handling
  • Cooking
  • Problem Solving
  • Squad Competitions

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