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The Code Galaxy

  • Program Address:

    3801 N Capital of Texas Highway
    Bldg D Ste #130
    Austin, TX 78746, U.S.A.

    Phone: 888-992-7859
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Directors: Code Galaxy

Young Coders: Games and Animations with Scratch
In this course, students will create their own games and animations while fully utilizing their imagination and creativity. Proud students will be able to let their friends and family play their games too!

Students will learn how to use Scratch (a block-based coding program with colors and characters) to create games, stories, and animations. The course helps students build their coding foundation and explore the universe of coding in a fun and immersive environment. Ages 7-9

Creating and Publishing Roblox games
Roblox is a massive multiplayer online game creation platform for users to design and develop their own games as well as to play games created by others.

In this course, students will design and code their own beautiful-looking Roblox games through a beginner-friendly platform called Code Kingdoms. Students will learn fundamental computer science concepts required to create their own Roblox games such as events, methods, variables, arrays, functions, and much more! Ages 8-11

Minecraft Game Development
Minecraft is a 3D game about collecting, crafting, and building with blocks.

In this course, students will learn how to create items and code for the behavior of the items. They'll create a series of events with custom commands and make a collection of mods that depends on and interact with each other using blocks-based programming. After this course, student will be able to code their own blocks, items, structures, and buildings in Minecraft. Ages 8-11

Building Apps with MIT App Inventor
Students learn coding and problem-solving through building mobile apps, introducing fundamental computer science concepts and applying the Design Thinking process. Students will utilize App Inventor to create apps for android.

We guide students to apply problem-solving skills and create customized mobile apps. Students receive personal guidance from our professionally trained instructors in thinking through algorithms, decomposing problems and formulating multiple solutions. Ages 10-14

Introduction to Python
This course is designed for any student curious about the power of computers and technology. The course introduces the basics of Python programming language and computer science in an immersive way, by teaching your child to code a series of fun games and rewarding code challenges.

In addition to Python syntax and computer science concepts, students will also learn to think about problems logically and how to solve them systematically. Ages 11-14

  • Cost, 1 week:
    $299 and up
  • Directors:
    Code Galaxy
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  • Coding And Programming
  • Robotics
  • Android App Development
  • Game Design

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