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    Alexa Cafe: All-Girls STEM Camp - Held at University of Washington - Seattle

    iD Tech Camps: #1 in STEM Education - Held at The University of Texas at Dallas

    Pali Adventures Dance

    So we think you can dance!

    Pali dancers of all levels are encouraged to let go and boogie on the dance floor. They learn various techniques, fun exercises and the moves made famous by their favorite performers.

    Campers flourish in a safe and supportive studio with individualized attention from experienced dance instructors.Plenty of room to come out of their shell at their own pace!

    After mastering the basics, campers perform their own original choreography to cheering crowds at the Pali Showcase!

    Duke University - Young Writers Camp

    The Duke Young Writers' Camp is open to students who are in grades 6-11 during the 2015-2016 academic year. Classes are designed to be academically challenging and focus on the creative and analytical processes of writing. Students will work on various projects, which may include newspaper features, short stories, character studies, journals, or short dramatic productions.

    Program highlights include:
    Opportunity to explore different genres, such as short fiction, poetry, journalism, and play writing
    Instruction by professional writers and educators
    Local guest speakers
    Daily Readers' Forum, where students share...

    Camp Integem: #1 AR Coding, AI, Robotics, Art & Game Design at San Ramon

    #1 AR Camp for Ages 5-18: Explore, Design and Innovate with Future Tech! Students learn Holographic AR coding, STEM, AI, 3D, Robotics, game design, animation, design thinking, Space/Nature Exploration, digital art, tech leadership and more. Teleport into their Holographic AR design to experience the magic. Great instructors, small classes! Thousands of students have joined our camps. Enter code KCP23 to save.

    Pali Adventures Hollywood Stunts

    Hollywood Stunts is a thrilling exercise in overcoming fears!

    Campers learn how to do stunts from experienced instructors and discover what it's like to be a world-class action hero. Swords, combat, falls and choreography are part of the mix. Safety first! Experienced instructors provide personalized coaching and close supervision for all stunts.

    Behind the scenes, campers use professional grade props, mats and safety equipment.

    After five days of mastering stunt techniques, campers surprise their fellow campers with special stunt performances.

    iD Tech Camps: #1 in STEM Education - Held at University of Louisville - Shelby Campus

    iD Tech Camps: #1 in STEM Education - Held at University of Maryland

    iD Tech Camps: #1 in STEM Education - Held at Santa Clara University

    iD Tech Camps: #1 in STEM Education - Held at Pace University - Westchester

    iD Tech Camps: #1 in STEM Education - Held at Colorado College

    iD Coding & AI Academy for Teens - Held at UW Seattle

    Aquarium Kemah Boardwalk

    Behind the Scenes Tour (Tank & Reef)

    Ever wondered what it looks like behind the scenes? Find out by joining us for a look into the inner-workings of the Aquarium - from filtration systems to fish food. You can also learn about our restaurant tanks and stingray reef while touching and feeding stingrays!

    Classroom Programs

    Our TEKS based education programs are perfect for schools! From Rockin’ the Rainforest to Radical Reptiles, our classroom programs provide hands-on learning for students grades K-12 on a wide range of aquatic subjects. Can’t come to us? Bring the Aquarium to your school! We offer our...

    Pali Adventures Potions and Lotions

    Enter a world of relaxation and rejuvenation where campers channel their inner Zen and learn to create their own holistic products.

    Campers make their own soaps, candles, perfumes, aromatherapy lotions, and even their own face masks.

    Our instructors also teach campers lessons in well-being, Tai Chi, Yoga and meditation. Campers return home more centered, a lot more creative and with new life skills that promote happiness and success in the years ahead!

    Downtown Aquarium - Houston

    Marine Biologist for a Day

    See if you have what it takes to become a Marine Biologist! Spend a day behind the scenes where all the scientific action happens. Experience close encounters with exotic species from the deep sea to shallow reef and everywhere in between. You'll even get to dissect a squid! Program includes guided tour, biologist dive show, squid dissection, animal feedings and much more! T-shirts & lunch included.

    Zoologist for a Day

    Tigers at an aquarium? There are more than just fish here at the Downtown Aquarium. Examine our impressive species of birds, reptiles, amphibians and, of course, the white tigers....

    iD Tech Camps: #1 in STEM Education - Held at Imperial College London

    iD Game Dev Academy for Teens - Held at Southern Methodist University

    Science Sea Camp - Marine Science

    The Science of the Sea Camp program emphasizes experiential, hands-on, project and lab-based learning; with a strong focus on coastal, maritime hammocks, and mangrove estuaries

    iD Tech Camps: #1 in STEM Education - Held at Adelphi University

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