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    Camp Ridgecrest for Boys

    Boys and girls of all ages are looking for two things. They're looking for adventure and for someone to follow into that adventure. For over 90 summers, Ridgecrest Summer Camps have been a place where campers follow role models into the adventure of following Jesus and stepping outside of what is ordinary and familiar to grow in every way. Our mission of impacting lives for God's glory through discipleship and adventure emphasizes our desire to meet campers where they are and show them what it looks like to follow Jesus through the highs and lows of life's journey. Our goal is to create a safe environment that fosters friendship, encouragement and the...

    PGA Junior Golf Camp at Metropolitan Golf Links

    PGA Junior Golf Camps - Full and half-day camps provide an excellent opportunity for youth of all ages and abilities to improve their technical skills, develop strong course management and learn golf in a fun, supportive and positive environment. Overnight camps for advanced players are held at nationally-acclaimed facilities and provide opportunities for serious game improvement. Every camp is designed to help your child become a leader on and off the course.

    Hobart Lacrosse Camp

    • Geneva, NY U.S.A.

    Maryland Lacrosse Academy

    • Owings Mills, MD U.S.A.

    All Scholastic Football Camp

    • Fairfield, CT U.S.A.

    East West Lacrosse Camp

    • Colorado Springs, CO U.S.A.

    Bigtime Basketball Camp Tours

    • Littleton, CO U.S.A.

    Marine Military Academy

    • Harlingen, TX U.S.A.

    West Football Camp

    • Irvine, CA U.S.A.

    Rebel Lacrosse Camp

    • Houston, TX U.S.A.

    Camp 6 7 8

    • Riva, MD U.S.A.

    Future Stars Basketball Camp

    • Lake Forest, IL U.S.A.

    Championship Football Camp

    • Lawrenceville, NJ U.S.A.

    Tribe Lacrosse

    • Fredericksburg, VA U.S.A.

    FCA Football Camp

    • Dyke, VA U.S.A.

    Salem Basketball Camp

    • Salem, NH U.S.A.

    Top Left Boys Lacrosse Camp

    • Lawrenceville, NJ U.S.A.

    Great West Goalie Camp

    • San Diego, CA U.S.A.

    All-City Football Camps

    • Dayton, OH U.S.A.

    Camp Chikopi

    • Magnetawan, Ontario Canada

    One on One Lacrosse Camp

    • Gettysburg, PA U.S.A.

    Premiere Baseball School

    • Chandler, OK U.S.A.

    NSR/ISC Football Combine

    • Pittsburgh, PA U.S.A.

    Victory Sports Agency Football Camps

    • Jacksonville, FL U.S.A.

    Green Mountain Lacrosse Camp

    • Johnson, VT U.S.A.

    Atlantic Lacrosse Camp

    • Lewes, DE U.S.A.

    Keystone All Star Lacrosse Camp

    • West Chester, PA U.S.A.

    Camp Caritas

    • Labelle, Quebec Canada

    Off Season Football Camps (The)

    • Grand Junction, MI U.S.A.

    Ultimate Lacrosse Camp

    • Deerfield, IL U.S.A.

    Camp Kooch-I-Ching

    • International Falls, MN U.S.A.

    Camp Kodiak Alaska

    • Wasilla, AK U.S.A.

    Latin Lacrosse Camp

    • Baltimore, MD U.S.A.

    MaxLax Lacrosse Programs

    • Bridgewater, MA U.S.A.

    Brownless at Pinnacle

    • Wadsworth, OH U.S.A.

    Mizzou Basketball Camp

    • Columbia, MO U.S.A.

    Mighty Bruins Football Camp

    • Bradenton, FL U.S.A.

    Wingate Lacrosse Camp

    • Wingate, NC U.S.A.

    Dick Edell's Maryland Lacrosse Camp

    • College Park, MD U.S.A.

    Bill Pilat's Goalie School

    • Amherst, MA U.S.A.

    Brad Johnson Football Camp

    • St Petersburg, FL U.S.A.

    Prairie Grove Football Camp

    • Prairie Grove, AR U.S.A.

    Chaminade Basketball Camp

    • St Louis, MO U.S.A.

    West Point Boy's Basketball Camp

    • West Point, NY U.S.A.

    Derek Henson's Development Camp

    • Victoria, British Columbia Canada

    Top Gun Lacrosse Camp

    • Poultney, VT U.S.A.

    Dale Layer Ram Basketball Camps

    • Fort Collins, CO U.S.A.

    Cooperstown Sports Campus

    • Cooperstown, NY U.S.A.

    Elite Passing Academy

    • Fairfield, CT U.S.A.

    Powerhouse Baseball Academy

    • Pompano Beach, FL U.S.A.

    Navy Lacrosse Resident Camp

    • Annapolis, MD U.S.A.

    Camp Fortune

    • Chelsea, Quebec Canada

    Elite 150 Lacrosse Camp (The)

    • Emmitsburg, MD U.S.A.

    Bison Shoot-Out - Team Camp

    • Lewisburg, PA U.S.A.

    Philadelphia Barrage Lax Camp

    • Villanova, PA U.S.A.

    Lacrosse Extreme

    • Gettysburg, PA U.S.A.

    Leonard Marshall Football Camp

    • Boca Raton, FL U.S.A.

    Net Results Basketball Camp

    • Lawrenceville, NJ U.S.A.

    Golden Empire ASC Football Camp

    • Bakersfield, CA U.S.A.

    Indiana Soccer Camp

    • Bloomington, IN U.S.A.

    Just Win Football Camp

    • Kula, HI U.S.A.

    Harford Boys Lacrosse Camp

    • Whiteford, MD U.S.A.

    Summer Slam Baseball Camp

    • Baltimore, MD U.S.A.

    Bcn Pro Tennis Center

    • Cabrera De Mar, Barcelona, Spain

    LinemenInc Camps

    • Stockton, CA U.S.A.

    Cascade Youth Programs

    • Horseshoe Bend, ID U.S.A.

    Rams Basketball Camps

    • Fort Collins, CO U.S.A.

    Camp Wendigo/Camp Northway

    • Algonquin Park, Ontario Canada

    Laser Maker Baseball Clinics

    • Raymond, MN U.S.A.

    Toca Juniors Soccer Camp

    • Potomac, MD U.S.A.

    Mississauga Minor Basketball Association

    • Mississauga, Ontario Canada

    Solid Rock Sports

    • Shorewood, WI U.S.A.

    Start to Finish

    • Towson, MD U.S.A.

    Flying Moose Lodge

    • East Orland, ME U.S.A.

    Pitching & Catching Bootcamp

    • Seattle, WA U.S.A.

    UC San Diego Baseball Camp

    • La Jolla, CA U.S.A.

    Lacrosse Camp at UVA

    • Charlottesville, VA U.S.A.

    Lacrosse School (The)

    • Hempstead, NY U.S.A.

    Rising Star Basketball Camp

    • Brockton, MA U.S.A.

    Baseball Country

    • Ralph, AL U.S.A.


    • Courtenay, British Columbia Canada

    Cowboy Camp

    • Mabel, MN U.S.A.

    North-South Challenge Camp

    • Bethlehem, PA U.S.A.

    Five-Star Basketball Camp

    • Yonkers, NY U.S.A.

    Paul Perrone Kicking

    • Morrisville, NY U.S.A.

    Greyhound Day Camp

    • Baltimore, MD U.S.A.

    Billy Gillispie Basketball Camp

    • College Station, TX U.S.A.

    Cooperstown Baseball Camp

    • Cooperstown, NY U.S.A.

    Young Guns Lacrosse Camp

    • Reading, MA U.S.A.

    Christian Athlete Hockey Camp

    • Pierrefonds, Quebec Canada

    Southern Stars Basketball Camp

    • North Palm Beach, FL U.S.A.

    Synergy Athletics

    • Binghamton, NY U.S.A.

    Washington & Lee Lacrosse Camp

    • Lexington, VA U.S.A.

    Wall Goalie School (The)

    • Haverford, PA U.S.A.

    Thomas More Football Camp

    • Crestview Hills, KY U.S.A.

    Washington College Lacrosse Camp

    • Chestertown, MD U.S.A.

    Joe Gardi Football Camp

    • Hempstead, NY U.S.A.

    Blue Ridge Adventure Camps

    • St. George, VA U.S.A.

    Victory Lacrosse Camp

    • Prior Lake, MN U.S.A.

    All-Pro Basketball Camp

    • Plantation, FL U.S.A.

    Champion Body's Football Camp

    • Lithonia, GA U.S.A.

    Players Choice Lacrosse Camp

    • Shrewsbury, MA U.S.A.

    SDSU Specialty/Competition Camp

    • Brookings, SD U.S.A.

    Skip Bertman Baseball Camps

    • Baton Rouge, LA U.S.A.

    Lacrosse Tech

    • Raleigh, NC U.S.A.

    Colby Lacrosse School

    • Waterville, ME U.S.A.

    Football Day I & II

    • Provo, UT U.S.A.

    Dwight Freeney Camps

    • Anderson, IN U.S.A.

    Northeast Lacrosse Academy

    • Amherst, MA U.S.A.

    Eagle Lacrosse Camp

    • Wingate, NC U.S.A.

    Beach Dogs Lacrosse

    • Portsmouth, RI U.S.A.

    Mid Atlantic Lacrosse Camp

    • Madison, NJ U.S.A.

    Turnbow Ranches

    • Murray, UT U.S.A.

    Championship Lacrosse Camp

    • Baltimore, MD U.S.A.

    Blue Hen Lacrosse Team Camp

    • Newark, DE U.S.A.

    Camp Chippewa for Boys

    • Cass Lake, MN U.S.A.

    Roanoke Lacrosse Camp

    • Salem, VA U.S.A.

    Virginia Baseball Camps

    • Charlottesville, VA U.S.A.

    FPS&S Football Strength & Speed Camps

    • Rockville And Alexandria, Va, MD U.S.A.

    Pro Power Football Camp

    • Potomac, MD U.S.A.

    Jayhawk Golf Camp

    • Lawrence, KS U.S.A.

    All World Lacrosse Camp

    • Salisbury, MD U.S.A.

    Hanover Basketball Camp

    • Hanover, IN U.S.A.

    Stanford Basketball Camps

    • Stanford, CA U.S.A.

    Hoops Etc Basketball Camps

    • Mishawaka, IN U.S.A.

    US Air Force Academy Falcon Lacrosse Camp

    • Colorado Springs, CO U.S.A.

    West Coast Lacrosse Camp

    • Rohnert Park, CA U.S.A.

    "Playball" Baseball Academy

    • Ft. Lauderdale, FL U.S.A.

    Carolina Soccer Camp at UNC

    • Chapel Hill, NC U.S.A.

    Baseball USA Training Center

    • Bensenville, IL U.S.A.

    Czech International Hockey Camp

    • Nymburk, Czech Republic

    Carolina Elite Lacrosse Camp

    • Chapel Hill, NC U.S.A.

    Masters Football Camp

    • Waltham, MA U.S.A.

    EK Youth Football Camp

    • Pittsburgh, PA U.S.A.

    Pro-Camp "03"

    • Ashland, OR U.S.A.

    Gilman Lacrosse Camp

    • Baltimore, MD U.S.A.

    Saint Louis Soccer Academy

    • Arnold, MO U.S.A.

    Suburban Lacrosse Camp

    • Downingtown, PA U.S.A.

    All-Star Football Camp

    • Kensington, MD U.S.A.

    Rob Bowen Winter Baseball Camp

    • Fort Wayne, IN U.S.A.

    MVP School of Basketball

    • Waltham, MA U.S.A.

    Brown Lacrosse Camp

    • Providence, RI U.S.A.

    All America Lacrosse Camp

    • Westminster, MD U.S.A.

    Roberto Clemente All-Stars

    • Jupiter, FL U.S.A.

    PVSA Summer Football Camp

    • Rancho Palos Verdes, CA U.S.A.

    Texas Safari Camp

    • New Braunfels, TX U.S.A.

    Adrenaline Football Camp

    • Coupville, WA U.S.A.

    Summer Baseball Camp

    • Farmers Branch, TX U.S.A.

    Duke Lacrosse Camp

    • Durham, NC U.S.A.

    Lonestar Lacrosse Camp

    • Austin, TX U.S.A.

    Al Fracassa Quarterback Camp

    • Bloomfield Hills, MI U.S.A.

    Baseball Lessons

    • Anaheim, CA U.S.A.

    Clemson Soccer Academy

    • Clemson, SC U.S.A.

    Four Star Lacrosse

    • Cortland, NY U.S.A.

    Mountaineer Basketball Camp

    • Bennington, VT U.S.A.

    Quick Release Sports Camps

    • Lynchburg, VA U.S.A.

    Huddle Up Football Indoor/Outdoor Day Camp

    • Various Locations, AZ U.S.A.

    Georgia Junior Golf Foundation

    • Marietta, GA U.S.A.

    Joe Drulis Baseball Camp

    • Lawrenceville, NJ U.S.A.

    Trojan Camp

    • Colorado Springs, CO U.S.A.

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