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Your high schooler may be in the midst of preparing for the next big step in his life, so enrolling him in a college prep camp would be a wise idea. Academic camps such as college prep camps can groom See More »

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IncrediFlix California

IncrediFlix Summer programs are all about the fun and excitement of making movies! Children will work in age appropriate groups and go through all of the steps that Hollywood producers go through from "Action" to "That's a Wrap!" Your child will be a real filmmaker and will have a movie they created to prove it. Programs focus on creativity, cooperation, and fun fun fun! Choose from these great options:

    Our Stop Motion Animation Programs
    Minecraft Flix
    Lego Flix
    Animation Flix
    Imagination Flix
    Star Wars Flix
    Stop Motion Tricks and Effects

    Our Live Action Filmmaking Programs
    Live Action ...

iD Tech Camps: #1 in STEM Education - Held at University of Wisconsin - Madison

iD Tech Camps: #1 in STEM Education - Held at University of Virginia

iD Tech Camps: #1 in STEM Education - Held at St. Edwards

Experience the world's #1 tech camp

This summer, your child can explore a top campus, make friends as they master new tech skills, and join a community of over 400,000 alumni. At iD Tech Camps, students ages 7-17 build in-demand skills in coding, game development, robotics engineering, and design. The top universities on the planet - Stanford, NYU, Caltech - have trusted and hosted our programs for over 20 years, inspiring students to dream BIG. iD Tech also offers all-girls tech camps, teen-only Academies, and Online Private Lessons.

iD Tech Camps: #1 in STEM Education - Held at University of Michigan

Taft Summer School

At Summer School, we believe strongly that students should have CHOICES. To that end, we offer an individualized academic program, which enables students to further their academic progress by choosing a course of study that suits their personal needs and interests and allows students to hone their skills and deepen their understanding.

The Summer School offers dynamic faculty, a beautiful 226-acre campus, modern facilities, a 4:1 student-to-faculty ratio, and an average class size of 10 students.

Designed for talented 7th and 8th graders who are interested in exploring the boarding ...

International Junior Golf Academy

Stay on Top of Your Game with IJGA Golf Summer Camp!

IJGA offers coed, summer boarding and day golf camps for the novice to elite level athlete ages 8-18. All IJGA golf camps parallel the boarding Academy program, and focus on technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects of golf for the optimal performance edge.

All facilities are pro-grade. You will receive individual attention, including in-depth instruction by some of the leading golf coaches in the country, and performance training designed to improve golf specific agility and power.

IJGA campers also engage in nutritional, goal-setting and leadership presentations. Our most important ...

iD Tech Camps: #1 in STEM Education - Held at Manchester Metropolitan University

  • Held at Manchester Metropolitan Universi, ty
    Manchester, England M15 6BH, United Kingdom

    Phone: 408-871-3700

iD Game Dev Academy for Teens - Held at University of Washington - Seattle

iD Tech Camps: #1 in STEM Education - Held at University of Colorado Boulder

iD Tech Camps: #1 in STEM Education - Held at North Carolina State University

Alfred University Computer Camp

Each summer Alfred University welcomes students to our Computer Engineering camp. This residential program, for ages 12-17, offers computing experiences for both basic and advanced students.

Campers learn at their own pace, each at their own computer station. Both creative and practical programming is covered, but the emphasis is on having fun and enjoying our beautiful natural surroundings while learning! Classes are taught by university faculty with experience in all realms of computer engineering. Students experience hands-on learning in small classes, through regular practice, seminars and demonstrations. They can choose to learn on their ...

iD Tech Camps: #1 in STEM Education - Held at The University of Texas at Dallas

Alexa Cafe: All-Girls STEM Camp - Held at NYU - Washington Square

iD Tech Camps: #1 in STEM Education - Held at University of Maryland

Alexa Cafe: All-Girls STEM Camp - Held at Macalester College

Game Camp Nation

Video Game Creation & eSports for Kids and Teens

Game Camp Nation

Established 2006
Summer Camps

Weeklong and multi-week day and overnight summer programs for ages 9-19.

This summer, harness your child's passion for video games to fuel their future, strengthen self-confidence and forge new friendships! At Game Camp Nation, students ages 9-19 can learn to design video games, code, mod Minecraft, engineer music and sound effects, model 3D characters, 3D Print, design Virtual Worlds and more!

Within our programs your child will learn new STEM skills which are necessary for success in today's media-driven ...

Camp/pixel: Coding, Game Design, Digital Arts and more!

What will YOU make? Thousands of kids have joined CAMP/pixel, New York's best cutting-edge technology summer day camps for kids ages 7-14! Mod Minecraft and Roblox, create YouTube videos, develop VR and mobile video games, make in 3D, fly drones, create apps and digital art, and much more. CAMP/pixel gives kids and teens an early jump-start on their futures through relevant, innovative activities using technology. Our 1- and 2-week camps break down STEM skills seen in A.P. and college-level Computer Science, Programming, and Design classes into fun, intriguing, 21st-century early learning.

Campers spend their weeks working with our expert, ...

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