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If your children have a passion for cooking or love to help you prepare meals in the kitchen, then perhaps a cooking camp is the perfect summer camp for them. Culinary camp is a great choice for kids who not See More »

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Club SciKidz Austin

  • Upbring School of Arts and Sciences, 3407 Red River Street
    Austin, TX 78705 78705, U.S.A.

    Phone: 678-493-5651

Imagine a day camp that is designed to offer children a choice of many different science themes. Themes which include experiments and projects in Video Game Creation, Robotics, Veterinary Medicine, Crime Scene Investigation, Culinary Science, Paleontology, Engineering, Space, Biology, Chemistry, Oceanography, LEGO Robotics and much more. Now imagine that the day camp really exists and for 19 years has been providing an opportunity for young people to see how science works in the real world. At Club SciKidz, we believe that every child is a scientist. Our vision is to make them better scientists by offering 50 unique science and technology day camps. ...

Seize The Play

CMOM at Home

Daily Dose of Play

Museum At Home



The Kid's Table


Camp Lonehollow

Club SciKidz - Chesapeake Summer Science camps

Online Adventure Camps

Club SciKidz - Kentucky

Way-Cool Cooking School

  • Eden Prairie, MN U.S.A.

Stockholm Restaurant Culinary Camp

  • Lindsborg, KS U.S.A.

Kid Chefs Culinary Camps

  • Chapel Hill, NC U.S.A.

Chef Central Cooking for Kids

  • Hartsdale, NY U.S.A.

Blue Ribbon Cooking School

  • Seattle, WA U.S.A.

Haven's Kids in the Kitchen

  • New York, NY U.S.A.

Culinary Camp

  • New Bern, NC U.S.A.

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Showing Results 51 – 75 of 106