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Please Sue - The Guide to Safe Hiring and Firing Practices

It has now come the time to hire your staff for the coming season; do you have the right procedures in place?  Hunter Lott, HR Specialist, specializes in helping small business cope with HR regulations and compliance.  He is the author of  "Please Sue Me-The guide to Safe Hiring and Firing Practices for the Frontline Manager with a short attention span". 


Most suits can be prevented by a few simple precautions as in every lawsuit someone failed to do one or more of the following:

  1. Check your ego
  2. Send the right message
  3. Be consistent
  4. Document
  5. Think like an outsider

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A Visual Feast: The Keys to Effective Summer Camp Photos and Logos

A Visual Feast: The Keys to Effective Summer Camp Photos and Logos


By Kanel Sous


Remember that a picture can tell a thousand words about your camp. Whether those words are good or bad is totally up to you. So to paint the best picture possible in the eyes of campers and parents, be sure your posted photos are eye-catching and captivating. Here are just a few photo-taking tips that will definitely make your camp stand out.

1. Get down to level / eye level

            - Get your knees dirty: since you're likely to post pictures of children at play, capture their faces with eyes and smiles right at their level

            - This creates a personal and welcoming gaze to the photo


2. Use a plain background

            - Don't clutter the background; keep the subject free from a busy looking background

            - This could be opposite if you want to emphasize a sense of activity and excitement, so be mindful of clutter


3. Use flash outdoors

            - Improve the campers' faces by using fill flash, it helps to lighten dark shadows when the sun is directly overhead or behind


4. Move in close

            - To emphasize subjects, move closer or zoom in on them so they fill the picture frame


5. Lock the focus

            - Focus like a boss! If you want to distinguish your subject from the background, focus on them to create a sharper subject.


6. Move subjects off-centre to create depth and drama

            - After focusing on your subject, move them closer to one of the corners of the frame to create a sense of size and depth.


7. Watch the light

            - Avoid overhead sunlight and back sunlight; as this gives your subjects harsh or unpleasant shadows.


8. Direct your subjects and compose the shot

            - Don't be a passive shooter! Create images that pop by adding props, moving your campers around, and try different angles. And it's always great to emphasize activity. A child shooting a basketball is much more striking than a child holding a basketball. Right?


9. Capture the landscape

            - If your camp is nestled in the grandeur of nature; make a statement by showcasing it. Show landscapes, snowcapped mountains, majestic trees,  and picturesque lakes.


10. Watch the skies!

            - Use the weather forecast to your advantage. It may help to wait for the post-rain dew to create dramatic images of your environment. Or if you want to emphasize children at play in the lake, maybe wait for a sunny day.


11. Be a PR person!

            - Since you're likely selling your camp to parents, images that calm any fears and assure parents that that their kids are in good hands and that they're sending their children to a safe, secure, fun environment always help. So:

·         Never show an empty camp

·         Show kids interacting w/counselors

·         Show kids interacting with each other


The key thing to keep in mind is to take stock in what your camp has to offer and what you'd want to showcase. If you're a Tennis camp situated in the Rockies, what better way to emphasize that by using photos of kids playing tennis against a majestic mountain backdrop. Got an animal camp? Get in close and snap an intimate moment between a lion's roar and a child's face.


Our website photo and logo guidelines

Lastly, know our requirements. No one wants to see an image that is either too big, too small, or too distorted, so remember to post images that meet our listing guidelines:

1.      MySummerCamps.com

a.      Photos

                                                              i.      400x300px max in size

                                                            ii.      JPG file format

                                                          iii.      Filenames should not contain any spaces or special characters

b.      Logo

                                                              i.      240x180px max in size

                                                            ii.      JPG file format

                                                          iii.      Filenames should not contain any spaces or special characters

2.      KidsCamps.com

a.      Photos

                                                              i.      300x250px max in size

                                                            ii.      JPG file format

b.      Logo

                                                              i.      120x60px max in size

                                                            ii.      JPG file format