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I love working with! I feel like I have a personal marketing team in my office. So many families have found our camp via the internet because makes sure I am where I need to be on the web to be seen! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of your hard work on my behalf!
Brewster Day Camp - Milisa "MISA" Galazzi, Director

Since summer camps have tapped into the Internet as a key resource for marketing, KIDSCAMPS.COM, has been at the forefront of placing camps in the living rooms of every interested family. KIDSCAMPS.COM has helped expose Blue Ridge Camp to families worldwide. We now have campers from 6 different nations and 18 states. KIDSCAMPS.COM greatest strength, however, is their personal approach in caring for every client.
As the Director/Owner of Blue Ridge Camp, I feel that KIDSCAMPS.COM is a must for any camp.
Blue Ridge Camp - Joey Waldman, Owner

We have been incredibly pleased with our results from They're also wonderful to work with and very responsive.
iD Tech Camps - Karen Thurm Safran, VP of Marketing

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