Camp Information

Camp Kennebec

  • Program Address:

    Arden, ON

  • Winter Address:

    Arden, ON

Welcome to Camp Kennebec. We're a wonderful summer camp for campers with special needs, learning disabilities, and developmental delays including autism, Asperger's, ADHD, Down Syndrome, OCD, brain injury, anxiety, social skill, and other challenges. Each summer, Kennebecers have a great time and accomplish more than they expect. At Camp Kennebec, we help our campers create the fabulous summer camp memories they deserve. We're looking forward to welcoming your campers to Kennebec this summer.

A Different Daily Activity Schedule for Each Camper:

Play your favorite sport or try a new one!

Our land sports activity list is endless, because our incredibly imaginative staff & campers keep coming up with new, innovative sports and specialties. Like bike broomball, which - truthfully is hard to describe - but is it fun. And that's on top of almost every other sport you can think of, plus horses, a ropes course, tennis, cycling, trampoline, volleyball, basketball, baseball, soccer, archery, fitness, floor hockey, yoga . . . plus hundreds more that we're waiting for your camper to dream up.

Waterfront Activities at Camp Are a Blast

Our campers cannot get enough of our waterfront activities at camp. And who can blame them? Whether it's our motorboats taking campers tubing, wakeboarding, or water-skiing; campers enjoying a refreshing swim or playing on our water trampoline and slide or trying out our canoes, kayaks, sailboats and paddle boards, fishing, or relaxing on our beautiful sandy beach - a day on beautiful Bull Lake can't be beat.

Get Creative at Camp Kennebec

Whether your campers love to paint, draw, dance, sing, work with wood, make movies, plant a garden, play an instrument, or simply want to try any of the activities - we offer activities your camper will love. And each year, our talented staff surprise and delight us with their unexpected artistic talents, and suddenly we have an expert who can offer ukulele lessons! While we are not always sure we can offer ukulele lessons, each summer our creative and artistic activities are sure to include music, wood shop, dance, moviemaking, arts and crafts, singing, photography, gardening & talent show.

Nature Activities Let Campers Experience the Natural World at Its Best.

Close your eyes. Picture 20 kilometers of spectacular, private hiking trails through our protected forests. Add 4 beautiful lakes. At Camp Kennebec, we are committed to keeping our 1,000 acres of forest and shoreline "protected" in accordance with our Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources stewardship agreement. That means there are only two reasons we can use our land: to teach our campers about the environment and protect the land for the plants and animals that live there. Our campers regularly see loons, herons, ducks, deer, porcupines, rabbits, beaver, foxes and even the occasional otter. It's where Kennebecers hike, canoe, try outdoor cooking over a fire, pitch a tent, go on overnights & canoe trips, and learn nature skills and crafts.