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Debate Camps and Programs

If your child has a way with words, he may be an ideal candidate for debate camp. Debate camps groom children in presenting hot button issues in a concise, clear, persuasive way through challenging workshops and mock debates. While some Read More

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Public Speaking Institute by Education Unlimited

Too many young people have something to say but do not have the tools to speak in public effectively and with comfort. Sharpening communication abilities helps young people succeed in a world that demands confidence, articulation and the ability to clearly communicate ideas. By building superior speaking skills, students will prepare to excel in school, attain their dream jobs, defend their beliefs and values, and become leaders in their schools and communities.

Education Unlimited is the national leader in providing noncompetitive public speaking summer programs for kids and teens. Education Unlimited was founded ...

Camp Brainy Bunch by Education Unlimited

Learning Made Awesome! This has been our guiding principle since our start in 2011. Here learning is celebrated, quality instructors engage students, and hands-on projects spark excitement. We help campers accomplish great leaps in learning in a short time, all while making summer awesome.

We use The Brainy Method, our custom pedagogy built by lifelong educators who love the art of teaching. It boils down to this: One subject each week approached from every angle - dream it, write it, build it, act it out, jump all over it, launch it in a rocket, and do it again. The learning is always project-based, with ...

Debate, Model UN and Leadership Overnight and Day Camps at Westfield Academy

Come Find Your Voice!

As opposed to other debate camps that teach and focus on only one style of debate, Westfield welcomes debaters from across the spectrum of debate and forensic events. As winners of four international debate competitions in three different types of debate formats, Westfield's focus is on teaching and improving debate essentials including developing and refining oral advocacy skills and logical analysis.What better way to refine your debating skills than with the 2017 International Public Policy Forum world champs?

Similarly, our Model UN(MUN) program will focus on developing ...

EXPLO Foreign Affairs Focus Program

As an Explo Foreign Affairs Fellow, you'll foster understanding across national and international lines, learn about the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of the major issues affecting American foreign policy today, and create policy that offers real-world solutions with a number of political and international thinkers and decision makers.

You'll come away with a unique understanding of what foreign policy actually involves - and why it matters - as well as an overview of various career options relating to global issues.

American Legal Experience by Education Unlimited

In addition to the locations above, American Legal Experience is available on the campus of UC Berkeley

American Legal Experience offers high school students a unique opportunity to learn public speaking skills through a concentrated focus on the American judicial system. The adversarial nature of the American legal system places a premium on effective communication and persuasion through well reasoned arguments. Therefore, our focus on this system provides students with an exciting and challenging medium for the development of speaking skills.

American Legal Experience participants will work with legal ...

NOVA DC Summer Camps

Adventure! Fun! And Learning! In our Nation's Capitol! The only camp that combines core subjects such as science, technology, math, history, English/reading and EVEN English as a second language. Get a head start the upcoming school year in various subjects while having fun! Come, learn and conduct educational experiments and join us on amazing field trips! The camp will be at the beautiful George Mason University with qualified instructors.

The Championship Debate Group

  • Spring Branch, TX U.S.A.

Oregon Debate Institute (The)

  • Eugene, OR U.S.A.

Debate Camp Cedarville University

  • Cedarville, OH U.S.A.

Champion Debate Camp

  • Falls Church, VA U.S.A.

Model UN Summer Camp

  • Tbilisi, Georgia

Cameron University Debate Camp

  • Lawton, OK U.S.A.

Whitman National Debate Institute

  • Walla Walla, WA U.S.A.

The Champions Debate Camp

  • Portland, ME U.S.A.

Debate Camp Canada

  • Rosseau, Ontario Canada

KU Debate Camp

  • Lawrence, KS U.S.A.

Michigan Debate Institutes

  • Ann Arbor, MI U.S.A.

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