Camp Information

EXPLO Boston

  • Program Address:

    Wheaton College
    26 East Main Street
    Norton, MA 02766, U.S.A.

    Phone: 781-762-7400
    Fax: 781-762-7425
  • Winter Address:

    932 Washington Street
    PO Box 368
    Norwood, MA 02062, U.S.A.

Directors: David Torcoletti

There are two types of people who come to EXPLO Boston: people who love doing their thing - and people who are finding the thing they love to do. At EXPLO, we want you to do both. We are a community of artists, writers, athletes, musicians, leaders, scientists, activists, dancers, and scholars who come together for a perfect summer of personal learning, adventure, and growth. And we welcome you, just as you are, to join us in your exploration.

EXPLO Boston offers more than 50 courses and 30 electives. Collect evidence from a crime scene (Forensic Science), design a sustainable tiny home (Sustainable Engineering), or fight crime through mathematical concepts (Defeating Dr. Diablo). Learn about gastronomy through cooking (International Cooking), argue your case to victory (Crimes, Clues + Courtroom), or mesh your fashion for STEM and arts in our makerspace (EXPLO Makerspace)

Weekend trips to indoor skydiving, Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, major league baseball games, and surfing at New England beaches will invite you to step out of your comfort zone every single day.

  • Directors:
    David Torcoletti
  • Founded:
  • Gender:
  • Maximum age:
  • Minimum age:
  • Nearest city:
    Boston, MA
  • Season opens:
    June 28th, 2020
  • Season closes:
    August 8th, 2020


  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • Debate
  • Cooking
  • Programming
  • Gaga Ball
  • Painting
  • Filmmaking
  • Improv
  • Creative Writing

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