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Camp Information

Northwaters Wilderness Canoe Programs

  • Program Address:

    Temagami, ON

  • Winter Address:

    Westport, NY

Our wilderness canoe trips take us through some of the most beautiful country in the world, creating opportunities for all experience levels that focus on learning from the land and one another in a spirit that honours awareness, balance, and trust. We believe that when participants learn how to handle life on the trail, they become better equipped to handle life in general. Programs available for girls (ages 11-17) and coed/all-genders (ages 13-17) in separate 2 and 3.5 sessions.

2 week program: Girls ages 11-14

3.5 week sessions: Girls ages 12-17 and all-genders ages 11-17

Please visit our Langskib listing for our all boys programs.