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Camp Information

Quest Therapeutic Camps of Southern California

  • Program Address:

    16400 Brookhurst Street
    Fountain Valley, CA 92708, U.S.A.

    Phone: 714-290-3428
  • Winter Address:

    5212 Katella Avenue
    Los Alamitos, CA 90720, U.S.A.

Directors: Jodie Knott, Ph. D

Quest Therapeutic Camps of Southern California provides summer day camp services and after-school programs specifically designed to help kids with special needs and learning differences find success. We welcome kids with ADHD, ADD, Asperger’s and high-functioning Autism, social anxiety, learning disabilities, depression and more. This summer we are offering 4 weeks of a hands on, interactive virtual summer camp! Both boys and girls participate in our program. Campers range from 6 to 18 years of age and may experience mild to moderate difficulties behaviorally, emotionally and/or socially. Quest campers may struggle finding stable relationships or consistently achieving their goals. They may have diagnoses of ADHD, Asperger’s disorder, anxiety, high functioning autism, difficulties with sensory processing and sensory integration, depression, learning disabilities and/or social problems. Many campers do not have a diagnosis but still need help developing self-regulation, social skills, and self-esteem. Quest utilizes a comprehensive therapeutic system that provides a treatment plan individualized for each child. Interventions combine mental health support and social skill development. Quest implements an experiential learning program that combines aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and skill development in a variety of areas including teaching and practicing strategies for emotion regulation and social skill development including how to engage in higher level thinking about social interactions. Through observing the child in camp activities throughout the day, our staff is able to see how problems present themselves. Quest staff is trained to provide positive intervention to teach new, constructive behaviors. Counselors provide verbal support for accomplishments and directions for areas of improvement.

  • Accreditation:
  • Camp size:
  • Cost, 1 week:
    $823.75 per week
  • Directors:
    Jodie Knott, Ph.D.
  • Founded:
  • Gender:
  • Maximum age:
  • Minimum age:
  • Nearest city:
    Orange County
  • Season opens:
    June 28, 2021
  • Season closes:
    July 23, 2021


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