Camp Information


  • Program Address:

    Simsbury, CT

  • Winter Address:

    Simsbury, CT

The Walker's campus remains active throughout the summer with our Summer@Walker's program. Grounded in the School's mission, the summer program is designed to help develop each girl's passion for learning and interest in the world around her, all the while giving her the skills and knowledge that will set her apart from the crowd. Each morning begins with a nutritious breakfast followed by one of the following courses of study: performing arts, visual arts, film production, riding, or sports. All the girls come back together for a satisfying lunch and fun activity before heading off to afternoon courses of study, which include: English Language and American Culture, Chinese Language and Culture, a STEM course, riding, or visual arts and performing arts. Each evening there will be fun activities that help the girls bond, make new lifelong friends, and create a warm and supportive community. Weekend activities are available for those girls who register for consecutive weeks of Summer@Walker's. They include trips to Boston, Newport, Rhode Island, and New York City. Trips will include hotel stays in the heart of each city complimented by museum and historical tours, as well as university visits.