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UCode Tech Camp

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    468 Foothill Blvd
    La Canada, CA 91001, U.S.A.

    Phone: 888-888-8681
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    Toll Free: 888-888-8681
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Directors: Allen Liu

UCode Tech camps build strong computational thinking abilities with students ages 6 to 16 through teaching coding. In an economy driven by information and knowledge, computational thinking helps students build a bridge to the future and so prepares them for a world very different than todays.

UCode's approach to learning to code focuses on "process", not memorization of "content" and complements how kids learn in school. The process introduces problem deconstruction, patter recognition, logic, and development of solutions in Python, HTML/CSS and Java.

UCode's curriculum was developed in partnership with Cornell University faculty and features assessment tools that measure a student's computational thinking abilities. It is unique in its use of measurement to assure a student's learning outcome. Tech Camps 2020 include Introduction to Computing for early learners, PythonPlus, HTML/CSS and Web Animation. Classes are 2 hours a day Monday to Friday with sessions in the mornings and afternoons. Enrollement ifs6 studenst to 1 Instructor.

  • Accreditation:
    Ivy League Certified
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    6 per class
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  • Season opens:
    June 15, 2020
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    August 20, 2020


  • Coding
  • Programming
  • Web Animation

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