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Village Camps

  • Program Address:

    Leysin, Vaud

  • Winter Address:

    Nyon, .

Every child deserves at least one summer at camp! Yes it's nice to have your children at home during the summer, and family trips are a must, but there is no better way to expand a child's mind, both culturally and socially than a camp experience! At Village Camps we have over 40 years of experience in our field. That means for 40 years we have been providing families and most importantly campers a summer experience like no other! With multiple camps in unique European destinations, there's something that every child would enjoy!

Perhaps white water rafting in the Swiss Alps? Maybe a focus on perfecting some basketball or soccer skills with our amazing coaches in York, England? Even better, a two day decent of the famous Ardche River in southern France? If adventure is not necessarily what you're looking for, why not expand your child's language skills?

At each of our destinations, campers can chose to learn one of the languages we provide. Campers can also learn a language in the morning and immerse themselves with the rest of the campers in the afternoon, partaking in all other activities!