Refresh Your Listing to Optimize Exposure

by Kanel Suos & Katherine Zuber, Account Specialists

Is your MySummerCamps or KidsCamps listing feeling listless? Here are a few tips for whipping it into shape for the season!

  • Maximize your visual opportunities - Upload eye-catching photos of your camp facilities and showcase happy campers engaged in the best activities your camp has to offer. And even a short video can have a huge impact!
  • Update your dates and rates for the season - Parents will move on if they don’t think your session info is current.
  • Use your description to sell your camp - Highlight what makes your camp different than others and mention multiple locations if you have them. Parents love options! Keep the length reasonable - not too long, not too short. Also, using relevant keywords will help your listing gather traffic from search engine searches.
  • Design a custom logo - Our size restrictions can make your logo look illegible when shrunken. Try creating a logo just for our sites that will entice parents to view your listing.
If you’re not currently advertising with us, you’re missing out on millions of parents looking for summer camps.  Contact us at 1-877-777-7738 to put these strategies to work for you.  Here’s to a successful camp season for everyone!

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