Answering Common Objections from Parents

CM0311-CommonObjections.jpgCamp enrollment season has begun and your recruitment efforts are in full swing.  Your listings on MySummerCamps and KidsCamps are updated and ready to go.   Your brochures are in the mail and you are getting ready to meet new people at an upcoming camp fair.  Bring on the campers!

As you start conversations with prospective parents, you may start to hear the same things over and over.   Here are a few ways to answer common objections to enrollment:

"It's too expensive." - Showcase any early bird or sibling discounts you have.  Consider offering a multiple session package or a payment plan to help ease the financial burden.  Also, mention grant programs or other sources of funding your campers have used in the past.


"Summer is already too busy." - Remind them that camp is a one-stop shop for summer fun!  Highlight how your program offers recreational activities and educational opportunities at the same time.   If they're concerned about the length, point out any weekend camps or shorter sessions on your schedule.


"We don't know our schedule yet." - Explain why it's better for parents to sign-up and reserve their spot now rather than wait until it's too late.  Outline your refund/cancellation policy and any rescheduling guidelines you may have. 


"I want to keep exploring my options." - Get their contact information and follow up with them later.  Call or email at least twice before enrollment closes to remind them of your offerings and discounts.

The more you anticipate what parents will say, the better prepared you'll be to address their concerns and turn the conversation in your favor.   Be kind but persistent and the enrollments will start coming in!

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