7 Tips for Improving Your Listing

While you might not have a huge budget, there are a few ways you can improve your camp listing and get more parents to check out your camp!


1.  An eye-catching logo: Having a simple, clear, relevant logo works best.


nikelacrosse2.jpg 2. A video from your camp:show parents exactly how fun your camp is! They will be more convinced that their kids will be happy if you show them other kids in-action having a great time.

3. Use all your available picture slots! Just like the video, evidence of smiling faces gives parents the assurance they need to book with your camp.


4. Valid links: Make sure that all of the links to your site on your listing are working. If a parent can't access your site, they certainly can't sign their kids up to spend the summer with you.


campphoto.jpg5. Keep information updated: Having current information pricing, location, camp dates and likewise is important for the parents to make an easy, informed decision. The less they have to hunt for, the more satisfied they are and you also leave them with a positive impression of your camp.


6. Original Content: It is important for your listing to have text that differs from any other page. After Google released their Panda algorithm, all websites with duplicate content (textual information in verbatim) were effected unfavorably. Having differential and relevant content can improve your SEO (search engine optimization) for your listing and your webpage considerably, which can lead to better traffic. So be sure to add any unique, special events at your camp!


7Lastly, double check all information is correct such as your location or activities. If your location or activities are misspelled or incorrect, you won't be able to reach those searching for camps with a specific location or activity in mind.


Overall, have fun and be creative when making or updating your listing! It will translate positively to your viewers the more you enjoy yourself and are passionate. Happy camping, everyone!


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