Want Some More S'mores?

S'mores have been a part of the American and Canadian camp tradition since the early 20th century.  The traditional recipe for S'mores is simple: roast a marshmallow and place between two graham cracker pieces with a piece of chocolate.  The three ingredients in this recipe provide a nostalgic flavor profile, often associated with being at camp. 

smoresbars.jpgThe Huffington Post offers 22 recipes that put a creative twist on the traditional s'more.  Recipes such as S'mores Macarons by Bakers Royale can be served as a "Thank You" to your hard working camp staff.  Simpler recipes such as these S'mores Bars by Pass the Sushi can easily be made for a larger crowd to feed your hungry campers.  This summer, try something new by creating a culinary delight that will be sure to satisfy taste buds while remaining true to the classic recipe. 

To get the full list of recipes, click here!

Photo from: Pass the Sushi               

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