How Summer Camps Should Think Differently about Food

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Summer camps must no longer be the world of hot dogs and icies. The quality can no longer be a mere step above a school cafeteria.

More and more attention continues to be put on the food we put in our bodies and the food we put into our children's mouths. Obesity is an American epidemic, and some parents are choosing summer camps based on how those camps will feed their kids.

In addition to curbing risks of obesity, summer camps also must keep an eye on proper nutrition. During camp, growing kids and teens are often more active than usual with all the various activities. With an increase of physical activity, the proper balance of nutrition (and rehydration) is essential.

We recommend consulting with a nutritionist to plan the meals for your campers. Make a calendar for lunches and dinners, plotting out which meals will be served at certain times. If you can cross-reference this with your schedule of activities, that's even better.

Also, make sure to consider special diets. Always ask campers about allergies or special needs.

You should have all sorts of options available. Everything from vegan to gluten-free to peanut-free to lactose-free. Your consideration of these sensitivities goes a long way to making parents know that you care.

Increased physical activity may mean you serve more carbohydrates, but always make sure to balance that with other food groups. Yogurts, fruits, and vegetables are healthy snack options. Campers can be rewarded with ice cream and pizza, but those shouldn't be on the menu every night.

Having self-serve bars for meals is a great way to serve a variety of different campers with their own needs. Salad bars and sandwich bars with fruit on the side and proteins available are good options.

Diet is a very personal issue, so make sure to ask ahead of time from parents what their childrens' needs are. Then consult with your nutritionist and meal planner to make sure your campers are taken care of. Your camp will be rewarded for your effort through word of mouth, and maybe word of stomach.

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