Should Your Summer Camp Partner with Schools?

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One new trend in summer camps is the idea of partnering the camp with a school. According to an American Camp Association 2017 report, "49% of camps report some relationship to schools or school curricula."

These relationships can manifest in a number of different ways. You can design your camp structure or activities to complement existing curriculum or what goes on in the school year. Another option is to fully collaborate with a school and craft your plans together.

There are many benefits to a partnership. Here's a quick list.

  • Partnering with a school can save you costs if you do activities at a school, library, or public facility. Cooperation often means splitting the costs of events or supplies.
  • Working with a school encourages parents of the value of your summer camp. Parents love to see their kids continue to grow throughout the camp experience.
  • It's good for kids to stay engaged with learning and school subjects (like science) throughout the year.
  • If you build a trusted partnership, you may be able to partake in co-marketing with the school and build awareness of your summer camp.
  • Working with schools helps kids reach their academic aspirations, even as they have fun. Combining learning and summer camp activities gives kids the tools they need when they return to school in the fall.
  • Collaborations with schools can have positive behavioral outcomes for campers. This can encourage teammates as they do learning projects and more.

It's not all benefits though. You may have to give up a bit of control regarding scheduling or the location of your camp events. And when considering location, keep in mind that you might need to transport campers if doing a collaborative event at a school.

Basically, school systems can be a slow-moving bureaucracy. But if you find a school or administrator that you trust, it might be a boon to your summer camp to partner with a s chool.


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