North Carolina Special Needs Camps and Programs

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    Talisman Programs

    Our specialized camp program helps children with ADHD, Aspergers Syndrome or high-functioning autism to develop physical and social competence in an atmosphere that encourages and supports self-regulation and self-direction. We believe that every child wants to do well, and that every child has unique strengths, struggles, and outlooks on life. In order to help all of our campers reach their potential, we must meet them as individuals, and not attempt to fit them into one mold. Therefore, we use a variety of tools to guide our students as strive to meet their objectives in socially appropriate and fulfilling ways. We believe that structure and...

    Summer Camp at SOAR - NC Adventures

    SOAR offers high adventure summer camps designed specifically for youth and young adults between the ages of 8 and 25 diagnosed with ADHD and LD. Each of our summer camp programs promotes friendships, increase self- confidence, and develop life skills. Created in 1977 by an adult with learning disabilities, SOAR provides fun and successful experiences so that participants may gain greater awareness of their own strengths and improve self-esteem and confidence.

    Our camps offer adventure activities, for beginners and beyond, located across the country's most scenic places. These incredible locations include the Blue Ridge Mountains of North...

    Camp Crestridge for Girls

    Boys and girls of all ages are looking for two things. They're looking for adventure and for someone to follow into that adventure. For over 90 summers, Ridgecrest Summer Camps have been a place where campers follow role models into the adventure of following Jesus and stepping outside of what is ordinary and familiar to grow in every way. Our mission of impacting lives for God's glory through discipleship and adventure emphasizes our desire to meet campers where they are and show them what it looks like to follow Jesus through the highs and lows of life's journey. Our goal is to create a safe environment that fosters friendship, encouragement and the...

    Club SciKidz Charlotte North

    Imagine a day camp that is designed to offer children a choice of many different science themes. Themes which include experiments and projects in Video Game Creation, Robotics, Veterinary Medicine, Crime Scene Investigation, Culinary Science, Paleontology, Engineering, Space, Biology, Chemistry, Oceanography, LEGO Robotics and much more. Now imagine that the day camp really exists and for 19 years has been providing an opportunity for young people to see how science works in the real world. At Club SciKidz, we believe that every child is a scientist. Our vision is to make them better scientists by offering 50 unique science and technology day...

    Camp Carolina Trails

    • Charlotte, NC U.S.A.

    Carolina Culinary Camp

    • Durham, NC U.S.A.

    Autism Society of NC

    • Moncure, NC U.S.A.

    Camp Dogwood

    • Sherrills Ford, NC U.S.A.

    Young Chefs Academy Camp Can-I-Cook

    • Winston-Salem, NC U.S.A.

    DFC Summer Youth Program

    • Durham, NC U.S.A.

    Cameron Boys Camp

    • Cameron, NC U.S.A.

    Camp Firefly

    • Asheville, NC U.S.A.

    Camp Sertoma

    • Westfield, NC U.S.A.

    Camp FreeSpirit

    • Liberty, NC U.S.A.

    YMCA Camp Greenville

    • Cedar Mountain, NC U.S.A.

    Kid Chefs Culinary Camps

    • Chapel Hill, NC U.S.A.

    Culinary Camp

    • New Bern, NC U.S.A.

    Camp CARE

    • Charlotte, NC U.S.A.

    Camp Carefree

    • Stokesdale, NC U.S.A.

    Camp Enscore

    • Winston-Salem, NC U.S.A.

    Camp Needles in Pines

    • Greenville, NC U.S.A.

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