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Finding an Arts & Crafts Camp

artcamp2.jpgThe arts encompass much more than just making crafts. There's acting, photography, performing arts, music and more. There are all sorts of things kids can learn by attending an art or craft themed camp. Our camp directory is full of potential summer camps for your child to attend, all you have to do is start browsing! Here are just a few of the camps in our arts section:

Oxbow Summer Art Camp - No lanyards made here! The Oxbow Summer Art Camp offers two unique 'art-immersion' programs for youth ages 14-16 who LOVE ART! Check out this camp

Fashion Extravaganza Camp - A one of a kind fashion day camp since 2005, this program was developed by a fashion designer along with fashion industry assistance. Check out this camp

Cali-Camp at Big Rock Ranch - Cali-Camp celebrates it's 56th season as a premier day camp for campers age 4 through 14. Choose your weeks and days, transportation included. Check out this camp

Click here to browse all of the Arts & Crafts Camps in our directory to find the right one for your child!

Crafting with Kids On the Go

feb2012-mainblog.jpgIt's almost time to head to summer camp. While their agenda will be fairly full, kids may have some relaxation time between activities. Put together a mini craft supply kit that your child can pull out any time. Stock it with the essentials, but don't overdo it. If their supplies run low send them a fun care package to camp! Kids love getting mail.

A $1.00 plastic shoebox makes the perfect container to hold your supplies. It's snaps shut and slides right underneath their bunk.

Stock the box with the following items:

Construction Paper
Depending on their age you may want to use scrapbook paper or art paper instead of construction paper. Be sure to include different colors. 10 sheets should be a good supply.

Great for wrapping around recycled materials such as cardboard tubes and cereal boxes, felt is a fun fabric for kids. It's also a great fabric for kids to practice sewing with. 4 different colors is the perfect amount.

Drawing Utensils
Fill a gallon plastic storage bag with a variety of crayons, markers and colored pencils.

Chenille Stems (Pipe Cleaners)
Grab a handful of fuzzy chenille stems and toss them in too. These are great for bending and twisting into all sorts of characters.

Assorted Embellishments
A sandwich bags filled with goggly eyes, buttons, pony beads, sequins, stickers, pom-poms, and a few different strands of yarn make great embellishments.

Glue & Scissors
What good would all of these supplies be without something to cut then up and stick them all together with! Your best bet are the small glue sticks and the smallest bottles of school glue available as well as children's safety scissors. If your kids are a little older, you might want to include a mini stapler in your travel box.

Be sure to give your child some self addressed stamped envelopes so they can send you their creations from camp!

This article was adapted from Fun Family Crafts by Amanda Formaro