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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE - Camps Are Going Online!

During the coronavirus epidemic, safety is the most important consideration for your kids. Especially for immunocompromised children and teens, social distancing is a crucial method to stop the spread of the virus and "flatten the curve" to relieve pressure from our health care institutions.

But as parents and kids are trapped at home, with no indication of when these conditions will alleviate, we all need to figure out how to create some semblance of a normal life.

And for kids and teens, mental stimulation is going to be essential.


Parents aren't teachers. And they're not babysitters.

Camps are important, especially if school is out, to keep young people engaged. That's why camps are going online.

With modern technology, streaming video, and fast internet speeds, virtual camps are becoming more popular during the coronavirus pandemic.


Camps aren't just teaching typing either. Online camps aren't just a bunch of typing courses. Arts, crafts, science and virtual tech courses like iDTech.

There's even an online marine biology camp!

With just a few clicks, you can help your child build a schedule and choose programs or classes. Online camps can help do virtual tours for science-related field trips or your kids can use online apps to learn a variety of skills.

Some will help your kids get hands-on experience by crafting and building items at home. Other camps provide mental stimulation through challenges and games. And some online programs even provide special one-on-one attention for your kids that they wouldn't have gotten otherwise.


While this is a strange time for parents and kids alike, we want to remind you that kids and teens are resilient. And most of all, they're not wary of technology.

For the generations that grew up with smartphones and streaming movies and FaceTime and text messaging, virtual camps are just the next step in technology. Campers can even keep up with the friends they make in group chats or group video conferences, so they don't have to lose social connections.

Coronavirus will eventually pass. But in the meantime, your kids and teens should not halt their educational and social development. Virtual camps are a great option to plug in.