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Surprise Your Favorite Camper with a Care Package!

by Amanda Formaro

While your child will definitely not be bored at summer camp, some camps do provide down time where they can relax or just hang out with their friends. Having something fun on hand to pass the time is a nice bonus, especially when they receive it in the mail!

Chances are it won't matter what your care package includes, every child loves getting mail! Especially when it's more than just a letter. Going through a box of items sent from home is always fun and will become part of their wonderful memories of camp!

Depending on your child, there are a variety of different care packages you can put together that will make them the envy of their cabin. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

(When putting together a care package, look for small items that are easy to store. As a rule of thumb, use a shoe box to ship everything in as it also makes a great storage container they can slide under their bunk.)

Sports Fun Package
Items such as miniature footballs, flexible crocheted frisbees, foam sports balls, and a paddle ball set are all great choices. Other items to include could be a baseball hat or sun visor, sports trading cards, a score pad and pencil to keep track of games they will play with their friends.

Girly Girl
If your daughter is one that loves the prettier things in life, a girly girl care package may be just the thing! Include a small bottle of sparkly nail polish, some pretty hair clips, a flavored lip gloss, some fragrant lotion, several emery boards, and a travel hairbrush with mirror.

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Snack Attack
While your child is certainly fed well at camp, we all know they can grow a little homesick for their favorite snacks. Some fun treats to include might be their favorite granola or cereal bars, some raisins or mixed nuts, small bags of fish crackers or pretzels, and their favorite trail mix.

Pamper Yourself
If aromatherapy is a favorite, several different fragrant lotions, a couple of nice smelling body washes, a soft shower scrunchie, maybe a tube of facial mask, some hair spray, a head band, and some facial wash will make her feel quite pampered.

Does your child love to read? Is it common for them to curl up with a book each night before bed? Then a bookworm care package is just the ticket! Include a new book or two, several bookmarks, a miniature clip-on reading light or miniature flashlight, some of their favorite magazines, and a book of crossword puzzles.

The Doodler
Does your child draw on just about anything they get their hands on? For kids who always have a pen or pencil in their hand and love to doodle, some fun items may include a small package of markers, some colored pencils, a small doodle pad or two, a few regular pencils, several erasers, some fun stickers, and maybe even a few small stencils.

Game Crazy
A great way to pass time is to play a game of cards or a match or two of Tic Tac Toe. Your game crazy care package might include a new deck of cards, several miniature travel games, a set of jacks, a paddle ball, a foam ball, a miniature checkers set, some small pads of paper and several pencils.

Variety Pack
If you'd rather send a variety of items instead of choosing a particular theme, simply think of your child's likes and match small items to them to create a fun care package they'll love. Some suggestions might include a sampling of items from the themes mentioned above such as a foam football, soft frisbee, a writing tablet, some markers, a small tube of lotion, some lip balm, a few granola bars, a hair brush, some bookmarks, and a small flashlight.