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Making Indoor S'mores

by Amanda Formaro

There are a few different ways to make S'mores indoors without starting a camp fire in your living room! You can use the microwave by placing half of a chocolate bar on a square of graham cracker, adding a marshmallow and topping it with another graham cracker square. Heat in the microwave, watching it carefully as the marshmallow will expand, until done. 

You can also roast marshmallows over the flame of your gas stove, but we only recommend this with adult supervision. And be careful, burnt marshmallow is not fun to clean up!

Another way is to create tasty bars that imitate the great flavor of S'mores! Two great option include a bar using honey graham cereal and another using a cookie dough combined with crushed graham crackers. Both are delicious and fun to make. Try one today with your kids!

Get the recipe --> S'mores Bars using cookie base.

Get the recipe --> Indoor S'mores using graham cereal. 

Camp Activities at Home

by Amanda Formaro

Indoor-Camp-blog.jpg Just because there's snow falling outside or it's simply the off season for summer camp, doesn't mean you can't enjoy many of the activities that you love from those warm days. We have some ideas for you that will bring summer camp into your home year round!

Crafts and Activities
one of the easiest ways to bring summer camp in during the off season is to make crafts. There are plenty of projects you can do with your kids, or set out the supplies on the table and let them go to town! While hunting for leaves and other natural materials may not be an option during the winter months, there are plenty of paper crafts, bead projects and other ideas to bring back those camp crafting memories.

Pony beads are inexpensive and provide hours of fun. Surely you remember the beaded lizards your kids have made over the years? There's a free pattern here so you can continue to make these at home any time you like. Another common summer craft project is to make a God's Eye. All you need are some craft sticks and yarn to make this fun craft! Another really popular camp craft your kids will enjoy is the dream catcher

Having a slumber party is a great way to relive those fun nights from camp. Have kids bring sleeping bags and pillows, plan to make a craft, like one of them above, and make S'mores by cooking the marshmallows over the stove top! Help kids create a tent from a blanket or sheet, or if you have enough room pitch a real tent inside! Provide a flashlight to shine under their chin while telling ghost stories. Keep the television off and plan some fun games that can be played sitting in a circle or that don't require a lot of space.

Ask Them
Ask your kids what their favorites parts of camp were and try to recreate them at home. Obviously activities such as kayaking and hiking in the woods are out, but swimming can still be done, even in the winter months! Many cities and towns have recreation areas with indoor swimming pools. Water parks are growing in popularity and popping up everywhere, chances are there's one near you. Your kids will tell you what they enjoyed most and with a little imagination, you can come up with plenty of ideas to bring summer camp home!