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3 Life-Saving Tips to Keep Your Kid Cool at Summer Camp

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Sleeping bag? Check. Clothes? Check. Sports equipment? Check. Packing for summer camp can be stressful. You might always have that feeling that you're forgetting something, but this summer, there is one necessity you can't forget - making sure your kid stays cool.

With record-breaking temperatures in 2019, keeping your kid cool is about more than their comfort. It's about their safety and wellness. Overheating is a serious health concern, and when you send your child to sleepaway camp, you can't always be there to monitor their behavior.

Here are 3 tips to keep your kid cool at sleepaway camp.

1. Pack a Great Water Bottle.

The most important aspect to staying cool is hydration. When the temperatures go up, the risk of dehydration does too. And dehydration can be deadly, especially for young children.

Pick out a nice stainless steel water bottle that will keep the water cool. And make sure the water bottle is something your child wants to carry around. If there is a "lame" design or decoration (according to your kids), they'll be less likely to take the water bottle to all their activities with their friends.

2. Make Sure Your Kid Knows to Stay Hydrated.

Depending on the age of your child, they probably need 7-10 cups of water a day. And this number only goes up with increased activity and perspiration.

Talk to your child before camp and make sure they know how much water to drink throughout the day. Quiz them the next day. It's okay to nag them a bit. It's for their own good.

3.  Know the Fan Situation.

When your kid finishes the day activities, where do they go? When they go to sleep, what is the cabin like? Or is there a dorm with an A/C?

Fans are great for keeping cool, but you don't always know if there will be a power outlet. Make sure to ask the camp ahead of time to figure out the situation.

Once you know, you can figure out which fans to pack. A plug-in fan that clips onto their bunk bed? A handheld portable fan?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, the ideal sleeping temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees. Keeping your kid cool as they rest from a busy day in summer camp is just as important as staying cool during the day.