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STEM Comes Alive with Camp Invention

If you hear "STEM camp" and imagine a bunch of kids sitting around a computer for 8 hours a day, then think again. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics get an invigorating boost with the unique programs at Camp Invention.

Why is Camp Invention Unique?

Camp Invention has been around since 1990, and they believe every child (and teen) has the natural curiosity to become an inventor.

STEM camps have taken off in recent years due to their ability to teach real-life skills to young people. Principles of engineering and math, constructing robotics, and writing code are all helpful abilities that your kid can take with them through school and future careers.

But a couple crucial questions often go unanswered in STEM camps. The first question is: Will my child want to learn these new skills?

Camp Invention, most of all, makes STEM fun. This camp fosters creativity and innovation. Young people enrolled in camp become active participants.

They learn and use engineering principles to build planes, gliders, and rockets, and get to see them fly in real life. They learn problem-solving skills to brainstorm ideas to help the planet's environment.

And Camp Invention is collaborative too. Students aren't isolated during this experience. They get to laugh and be social while participating in all the various activities, which greatly enhances their desire to learn.

Perhaps most importantly, Camp Invention lives up to its name by fostering creativity. Children and teens are imbued with the power to become the inventors, budding geniuses, and business leaders of tomorrow.

Camp Invention's programs help kids come up with new ideas based in STEM, create blueprints and sketches, build prototypes, and even think about how to market their creations!

In today's America, a strong educational background is practically required to be successful. An evaluation of Camp Invention showed that enrollees in the camp resulted in increased average school GPA and test scores, proving that students take these skills with them.

Camp Invention is a one-of-a-kind STEM camp. Click here to find a camp near you.


Get a Start with Your Kid's Dream Gaming Career with iDTech Camps

Video games are all grown up. They've come a long way since being considered a boy's loner hobby. Now gaming means a bunch of different ways to engage with interactive entertainment.

From quick diversions on your phone to immersive fantasy worlds on your HDTV to competitive esports, video games have become as essential a medium as film.

It's no surprise then, that much like the "movie brats" of the 1970s, new generations are rising up to redefine and rediscover what it means to create video games. And just like the coveted career of film director, video game developer is now a dream job.

A career in video games doesn't have to be an unobtainable fantasy career either. Video games are a massive industry that took in $43 billion in revenue last year - an 18% jump from the previous year. And there are many jobs available, ranging from programmers to level designers to directors to artists.

Being involved in the creation of video games is a realistic and exciting career, and it's no surprise that kids and teens want to become involved in this growing industry.

Thanks to iDTech, they can.

iDTech's camps are fun, but most importantly, they give your child a massive head start into the career of gaming.

Courses at iDTech include coding, game design, Java, 3D modeling, mobile games, Roblox, C++, Fortnite, Unreal Engine, level design, cinematics, gameplay mechanics, and even virtual reality!

These tools are essential for kids who want to embark on a career in gaming, whether your child wants to be the next star indie game designer or to work at a major AAA game development studio with 400-person teams.

Every parent's wish for their child is to know that they can eventually support themselves financially and that the child is happy. By fostering a career in gaming, iDTech makes that happen.

Click here to learn more about iDTech and enroll your kid in the entertainment career of the future.

Active Kids are Healthy Kids at US Sports Camps

When your child has fun at camp, that's great. When they stay active and learn hobbies that will keep them active and healthy long into adulthood, that's also great.

At US Sports Camps, they do both.

Obesity and being overweight are problems in America. The American Medical Association reports that death rates from heart disease, diabetes, and related disorders are now rising after years of falling. And obesity is to blame.

Even if your child is healthy now, they may still experience problems later if they fall into a sedentary lifestyle, due to work or other circumstances. Nutrition is important too, of course, but physical activity is a critical component.

More and more, researchers are proving that the skills and habits you develop in childhood and teen years are the ones that you keep in adulthood. Staying active as a kid and teen is important, not only to combat the childhood obesity crisis, but to stay healthy as a young adult and even into your older years.

Active kids and teens are more likely to become active adults.

Fortunately, when you enroll your child in US Sports Camps, the activities make it easy to stay fun and engaged.

Rather than forcing themselves (or being forced) to use a boring treadmill every couple days, the enrollees at US Sports Camps are having fun. They're enjoying physical activity, and the results show it. This enjoyment is essential for kids and teens to take the love of physical activity into the future.

US Sports Camps offers a wide variety of activity as well, so there's no risk of your child losing interest. Baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, lacrosse, water polo, crew, and more are all on offer at this camp.

Being active in the childhood and teen years pays extreme dividends later, so set your child up for a healthy and happy life with US Sports Camps.