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Camp Kimama

logonew.JPGOpen Up Your Child's World to Israel and to lasting international friendships


More than just a summer camp, Camp Kimama Carmel will introduce your child to multiple cultures and languages and offer real, long-lasting friendships with Jewish children from around the world! Here, kids strengthen their independence, leadership skills, and personal development.  And oh yes--deepen their bond and love for Israel!

Each year for the past decade, Camp Kimama has hosted thousands of kids ages 6-18 from 40 countries around the world!
Kimama Carmel, at the foot of the Carmel Mountain, offers a combination of sociol and educational activities and professional tracks: Dog training, Self-Empowerment through surfing, Dog Training and Styling and Fashion Culture.

Read more about Camp Kimama here!

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Study Acting for Film this Summer

Young Actors Camp located in Los Angeles, CA is offering last minute deals for both Campers and Camp Parents!  Voted in the top 5 Camps in the USA by the Travel Channel, the Young Actors Camp is perfect for those budding actors and actresses who would like to get a taste of what it's like to work in Hollywood.  Check out their website for detailed information and more discounts!

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