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Packing Right for Summer Camp

It's time for your child to head off to summer camp! Don't send them off without first going through this list and making sure they are prepared. Be sure to check with your child's camp office. Chances are they already thought of everything for you. Most likely they will have a list of items you should pack as well as a list of items to leave hat home. If your child has any special needs, be sure to take that into consideration as well. 

Keep Hydrated
If you don't have a reusable water bottle you may want to pick one up. If you have time before your child heads off, make one of these fun water bottle carriers for camp. If there isn't time, print the instructions and send them with your child. Your camp craft director may appreciate it! A reusable bottle is a must as there should be ample water fountains around the camp where your child can fill up.

Sun Protection
It goes without saying that where there's summer there will be sun, and the danger UV rays that come along with it! Be sure to pack sunscreen, a sun hat, lip balm, and even some sunglasses. A tube of Aloe Vera after sun lotion wouldn't hurt either!

For Practicality Purposes
Remember that while it's warm during the day, nights can cool off dramatically, especially at camps located in the mountains or near the ocean. A jacket, sweater or hoodie is a must. It's better to have to remove layers than it is to be cold and not have something to warm up in! A good pair of closed toes shoes is an ideal choice as well. Campers get dirty, so you may want to leave the good clothes at home and reserve the play clothes for camp. 

Comforts of Home
You certainly don't want to pack your child's entire bedroom, but a familiar pillow, a favorite stuffed animal and a book or two can make all the difference in the world. If you feel it will help, pack a few snapshots of family members or the family pet that your child can set on their bunk's side table. 

Leave it at Home
Check your camp's list and chances are electronic games, MP3 players and other such distractions are either not permitted or highly discouraged. Once your child realizes how much fun they'll be having at camp, they'll forget that they "needed" those things anyway!

Most importantly, refer back to your camp's packing list. If you have a question, by all means ask! It's best to adhere to their guidelines so that your child has the best camp experience possible.