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Filmmaking Camp at the New York Film Academy

This year is the 18th annual Summer Camp being held across the New York Film Academy's global network campuses.  For many tweens and high school students, it's their first step into the world of film and game acting in a professional, supportive atmosphere.


Naturally, prospective camp attendees will have many questions about New York Film Academy's camp programs and what they can expect during the weeks they're on site.

Who Will Get the Most Out of the Experience?

-Students between the ages of 10-17

-Those who have a budding interest in the fields of film creation and production, theater, music video, photography or video game

-Tweens and teens looking to make connections and meet others with a shared passion for the media

-Students who want to get hands-on with state of the art equipment on real film sets and professional editing suites

-Anyone who would like to achieve something great this Summer! 

All students will finish the camp having completed a fully polished project of their choosing from start to finish.

What is the New York Film Academy's Filmmaking Camp Like?

First of all: fun!

While all the tutors and faculty staff in the New York Film Academy are there to guide students through a very full-on schedule, there's never a dull moment at the New York Film Academy summer camp.

In addition, since attendees share a common interest in filmmaking they can expect an enthusiastic environment in which everyone works together to get the most out of it.  This collaborative spirit is especially useful since students will be working to complete their own films (four in total depending on camp length) throughout the course of the program in New York Film Academy.

Alongside filmmaking skills, the workshops are designed to develop students' social and organizational skills in order to solve problems- a vital asset for any career in the film industry that's emphasized in the New York Film Academy camp.

What Tuition Will Be Given?

Whether you're attending New York Film Academy's Summer Camp in Australia, NYC, or the Disney Studios in Florida, the New York Film Academy prides itself on offering second-to-none tuition to aspiring filmmakers.


Although the atmosphere- both during class and while on down time- is relaxed and friendly, students in the New York Film Academy can expect an intense crash course packed with one-on-one advice from industry experts.  By the end of the program, students will have a working knowledge of the fundamentals of filmmaking as well as the equipment used to bring that knowledge to life.

What About Housing During the Camp?

Younger students (10-13 years of age) are invited to attend either the one and two week camps during the summer months, or the weekend beginner and intermediate workshops.  The latter program takes place over twelve consecutive Saturdays.  In both cases, accommodation will not be provided and parents need to arrange transport to and from the workshops.


Teens (14-17 years of age), however, will be provided housing for the duration of the camp at each of the seven campus locations.  The accommodation set up, meal provisions and pricing will vary with each student.

Faculty staff is committed to providing a safe and positive learning environment, and in turn students are expected to conduct themselves with maturity.  All New York Film Academy programs are strictly free of alcohol and narcotics, and staff will exercise the right to immediately expel any students who contravene these rules.