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Pick the Perfect Summer Camp With These 3 Tips

It might be hard to imagine with the harsh winter weather that's been slamming the US, but summer time will be here before we know it! Summer time means summer camp and that's where we come in to save the day! Here are a few tips for picking a summer camp that will make both parent and camper happy.

Tip #1: Early Bird Catches the Worm!

Start looking for camp at least few months early, which means, right now!

This is for a few reasons:

First, you can capitalize on early bird discounts.

Second, you'll have a wider variety of camps to choose from because it will be less likely that the camp is already full. This is especially important if you're looking at popular camps.


Third, you will have time to visit the camp and speak with camp directors. Sometimes a website or brochure can't give you the true feel for the camp it's promoting, so seeing things first-hand will make you more comfortable with your choice.

 Lastly, you will have more time to plan and find a camp that fits your schedule. For most families, camp is a necessity because both parents work and have a busy lifestyle.

Tip #2: Not Sure of What Camp to Choose? Ask Your Camper!

Asking your child what kind of camp they would like to attend will help narrow down the search. This will save you time, and also make your camper happier when they attend the camp of their dreams.

Tip #3: Use MySummerCamps.com search tool to find the perfect camp:


Now that you have done your research- find your camp! Our improved search tool on our homepage will make finding camp a breeze. You can search by location, activity, type of camp, keyword, or choose from our pre-set categories. We've made improvements over the last few months so that things will be easier for you to find the perfect camp. We hope that our improvements serve you well!