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Dream Big: Train to Be a Champion at Summer Camp

by Amanda Formaro

Looking for a camp that will help your athletic child excel? Maybe little Johnny is a potential baseball or football star, or maybe his skills are in  the Martial Arts or archery. No matter what area of athleticism your child competes in, chances are there's a camp for that!

Don't let the lazy days of summer turn into a mind numbing video game marathon. Kids love to stay in shape and keep their skills honed, and what better way than with a camp full of kids with similar interests and skills? Think outside the box too. The word "sports" encompasses much more than just football, baseball and basketball. 

Other areas include paintball, diving, horseback riding, fishing, wakeboarding, and yoga. If fitness is involved, it's a sport! Other areas to consider are golf, rock climbing, fencing, and bowling. If you aren't sure, you can always browse our Sports Camps as well as our Adventure Camps to see what's available to your family. 

Keeping kids active during summer break can sometimes be a challenge. With the invent of addictive video games and many of your child's friends traveling during the summer, sometimes you'll hear "but there's nothing to do!" A great way to keep that complaint at bay and keep your kids active and outdoors is to find a camp where they will thrive. 

Is your young teen daughter in love with dolphins and seals? Then a marine biology camp could be just the right match! Maybe your son is a whiz on the skateboard. So pack up the protective gear and let him hit the ramps with his peers. 

If your child is on the more serious side and looking to keep their gymnastic skills sharp or their football throwing arm in shape, then training throughout the summer at a specialized camp is something to seriously consider. Olympic and big league athletes didn't get where they are today by sitting on the couch! Keep your kids happy, active and in shape by finding the right camp to sharpen their skills and keep them on top of their game.

Be sure to browse all of the different categories within our Sports Camps section and our Adventure Camps section as well.