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74 Free Summer Activities for Kids

Kids are home from camp and they might be getting a little bored. Be prepared to fight off boredom with this awesome list of 74 FREE summer activities for kids.

1. Go on a picnic
2. Go to your local farmer's market
3. Play with bubbles
4. Draw with sidewalk chalk
5. Run through the sprinkler
6. Visit local nature preserve
7. Find figures in the clouds
8. Play in the kiddie pool
9 Find local free museum days
10 Go on a hike
11. Water the plants
12. Start a nature journal
13. Set up your tent and have a camp out in the backyard- pretend like it's still summer camp
14. Go on a bike ride

15. Make s'mores
16. Visit the local pool
17. Play restaurant. Have the kids "make" lunch
18 Go on a scavenger hunt
19. Search for animal tracks
20. Host a movie marathon 
21. Fly a kite
22. Plant a garden (or anything)
23. Play beach volleyball
24. Make a craft from Pinterest
25. Create a scrapbook from all your camp photos
26. Pick flowers
27. Teach your kids to cook one of their favorite dishes
28. Eat dinner outside
29. Have a yard sale
30. Go fishing
31. Build a Lego castle
32. Watch the sun set
33. Play cards
34. Try a new recipe
35. Tell ghost stories
36. Visit the grandparents
37. Play soccer
38 Play dress up
39.Visit the local fire station
40. Swing. Get really high and jump out
41. Lay in the grass
42. Create an obstacle course
43. Catch fireflies (or butterflies)
44 Find a local water play park
45. Make popsicles
46. Melt crayons or ice in the sun
47. Have a water fight
48. Learn origami
49. Donate old books and toys
50. Play rock paper scissors
51. Play I spy
52. See who can spit a watermelon seed farthest
53. Play Simon Says
54. Have a sleepover
55. Make your own book
56 Create a chore chart
57. Take pictures
58. Play catch
59. Learn about different countries
60. Have a pillow fight
61. Make up each other's hair
62. Skip rocks
63. Craft your own musical instruments
64. Find figures in the clouds
65. Create a memory jar
66 Play kick ball (make up your own rules)
67. Swing in a hammock
68. Nap
69. Put on a fashion show
70. Play hide and go seek (or sardines)
71. Visit a lake or river
72. Make paper boats; sail them down a stream
73. Learn about your family's history
74. Learn how to juggle
For more free activities,see the full blog post! http://www.thejennyevolution.com/free-summer-activities-kids/