Ghosts of Summer Camp

by Amanda Formaro

Okay, so there aren't really any ghosts of summer camp, but all kids remember those fun nights around the campfire telling ghost stories. With Halloween on the horizon, this is the perfect time resurrect those stories and share them with family and friends. 

You can create a fun night of ghostly proportions by telling ghost stories and trying a few fun Halloween crafts. Some fun ideas include making ghost luminary jars by painting glass jars white and adding black paint for eyes and mouths. Kids will love making ghostly Rice Krispy treats, dipping them in melted white chocolate and adding chocolate chips for eyes. Insert a craft stick for a ghostly treat.

Have kids sit in a circle with the lights down low and take turns telling ghost stories. A flashlight shone under your chin makes for an eery face and is sure to elicit some shrieks!

Happy Halloween!

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