Making Indoor S'mores

by Amanda Formaro

There are a few different ways to make S'mores indoors without starting a camp fire in your living room! You can use the microwave by placing half of a chocolate bar on a square of graham cracker, adding a marshmallow and topping it with another graham cracker square. Heat in the microwave, watching it carefully as the marshmallow will expand, until done. 

You can also roast marshmallows over the flame of your gas stove, but we only recommend this with adult supervision. And be careful, burnt marshmallow is not fun to clean up!

Another way is to create tasty bars that imitate the great flavor of S'mores! Two great option include a bar using honey graham cereal and another using a cookie dough combined with crushed graham crackers. Both are delicious and fun to make. Try one today with your kids!

Get the recipe --> S'mores Bars using cookie base.

Get the recipe --> Indoor S'mores using graham cereal. 

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