Is "Trial" Camp Best for Your Child?

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The free sample. The 30-day money-back guarantee. We love the idea of getting to try before we buy, and now summer camps are beginning to offer these trials as well.

The new trial camp trend is taking off, and it's perfect for parents and kids who just aren't sure if summer camp (or a specific summer camp) is for them.

What Is Trial Camp?

Trial camp isn't a free sample; you do have to pay.  But it does give kids or teens a small bit of the camp experience without the full commitment to an entire summer.

Most trial camps offer a few days and a few nights, so that the camper gets to experience what daily life at the camp would be like. Many even offer a tour for parents, who also get to scope out the premises.

Of course, you should do your research into a camp, but nothing replaces the experience of checking out the campgrounds yourself.

Which Kids Benefit Most from Trial Camp?

New Campers

While most kids love camp, experiences at summer camp are still subjective. For kids who have never attended camp before, trial camp might be the best choice.

Just getting to spend a few days at camp might allay any fears they have about going to a faraway place and sleeping in a bed that isn't their own. Then they can come back and let you know if they want to have the complete experience.

Special Needs

Trial camp also works for children with special needs. Every child is different. If you have a child with physical or mental disabilities, you're probably concerned whether or not your chosen summer camp can accommodate their needs.

Sure, it's nice to get guarantees from the staff, but a few days at camp will give you the information you need to commit to a complete summer experience.


Nothing's worse than knowing your child is crying somewhere else and wanting to be in your arms. If you're worried that your child might get homesick, trial camp is a great chance to try out the experience of being away from home.

The limited time period of only a few nights will give your child the overnight experience with the reassurance that they can return to home within days.

Unsure of Activities?

For some campers, the concern isn't being at home - it's what they're going to do when they're at camp.

Trial camp usually gives your kids a bit of a "sampler plate" of all the different activities. Whether the camp is focused on art or exploration or science or adventure, this appetizer will be enough to know if your child is ready for the main course.

And that's how you should think of trial camps - as a nice sample. If your child gives you a positive report, then you can be safe and secure in the knowledge that you made the right choice

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