Rise of the Robots: Why Robotics is the Next Big Thing In Summer Camps

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Imagine a world overrun with robots, performing the smallest tasks, taking the jobs of human beings, and even vacuuming your floor. There's no need to stretch your brain because we're already living that world, which is why robotics is taking over summer camps around the country.

It's no secret that robotics is the future, and that the usefulness of a STEM education is only poised to grow from here. The good news is that robotics is actually fun for all ages.

Kids love robots. The sales of Lego building blocks and the Transformers franchise prove that. Teens and young adults love technology. They take apart everything, and if we're lucky, they put it back together when they're done.

Whether you're planning a career or hoping to instill a love of the STEM and robotics fields in your children, summer camps with robotics are a great opportunity for kids and young adults to learn while also enjoying a wide array of fun activities.

What do you do at Robot Camp?

At robotics camps, the campers will design, build, program, and test robots. They'll learn about Artificial Intelligence, and will explore the basics of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering.

Some camps even bring out the competitive spirit of campers with robot competitions. Campers love these events, often racing against the clock to build the best robots. They then test how these rushed robots behave, sometimes with hilarious results.

The activities at these summer camps can vary. We haven't yet reached a workless utopia where robots handle every important task, so in this transition phase, we still need to prepare our children for a country where robots are seriously displacing human beings for paying jobs.

Fortunately, robotics summer camps are fun and educational. So consider the future for your future camp.

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