Get a Start with Your Kid's Dream Gaming Career with iDTech Camps

Video games are all grown up. They've come a long way since being considered a boy's loner hobby. Now gaming means a bunch of different ways to engage with interactive entertainment.

From quick diversions on your phone to immersive fantasy worlds on your HDTV to competitive esports, video games have become as essential a medium as film.

It's no surprise then, that much like the "movie brats" of the 1970s, new generations are rising up to redefine and rediscover what it means to create video games. And just like the coveted career of film director, video game developer is now a dream job.

A career in video games doesn't have to be an unobtainable fantasy career either. Video games are a massive industry that took in $43 billion in revenue last year - an 18% jump from the previous year. And there are many jobs available, ranging from programmers to level designers to directors to artists.

Being involved in the creation of video games is a realistic and exciting career, and it's no surprise that kids and teens want to become involved in this growing industry.

Thanks to iDTech, they can.

iDTech's camps are fun, but most importantly, they give your child a massive head start into the career of gaming.

Courses at iDTech include coding, game design, Java, 3D modeling, mobile games, Roblox, C++, Fortnite, Unreal Engine, level design, cinematics, gameplay mechanics, and even virtual reality!

These tools are essential for kids who want to embark on a career in gaming, whether your child wants to be the next star indie game designer or to work at a major AAA game development studio with 400-person teams.

Every parent's wish for their child is to know that they can eventually support themselves financially and that the child is happy. By fostering a career in gaming, iDTech makes that happen.

Click here to learn more about iDTech and enroll your kid in the entertainment career of the future.

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