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Camp Lonehollow

Nestled within the Texas Hill Country, Lonehollow empowers boys and girls to be their most successful self. We intentionally build opportunities into every aspect of our program that strengthen specific character assets and give kids an edge in life. Lonehollow is the place where campers gain confidence, learn to persevere through challenges, and develop vital communication skills. Whether it's learning a new skill in one of our 60+ activities, building friendships, or speaking in front of a large crowd, campers become geared for life in the 21st century.

Outdoor Texas Camp

  • Banderia, TX U.S.A.

Texas Safari Camp

  • New Braunfels, TX U.S.A.

Kamp for Kids (The)

  • Pinckney, MI U.S.A.

Camp Woodie

  • Pinewood, SC U.S.A.

Beech Ridge Camps

  • Brownville, ME U.S.A.

MSC Camp Wilderness

  • Redford, MI U.S.A.

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